All World Gayatri Pariwar believes in the principles of existence of a Global Family and Oneness of all human beings. It believes that if we transform ourselves, the world will be transformed, and, if we reform ourselves, the world will be reformed. Sharing these Era transforming principles with the people of Australia is the primary objective of the current visit of Revered Dr. Pranav Pandya (Head – All World Gayatri Pariwar, Chancellor – Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya).

            Dr. Pandya has started his visit from Brisbane where he is reviewing and providing guidance for the preparations of the Ashwamedha Yagya, which is scheduled to be held a few months from now. Ashwamedha yagya is a large scale fire ceremony that is performed for the elimination of evil tendencies, purification of both the physical and the subtle environment, and cultivation of divine virtues in human beings. In the past, these yagyas have been shown to cure various physical and mental ailments that are widespread in today's society. Dr. Pandya has conducted a large number of experiments of the medicinal and environmental benefits of yagyas and he will be sharing his scientific findings during his lectures on 'Yoga, Health and Healing' and 'Health Care and Spirituality'.

            Dr. Pandya will also be delivering lectures 'Ramcharit Manas and Vedmata Gayatri' and 'Gita and Vedmata Gayatri', where he will discuss the basic tenets of spirituality and the philosophy of Goddess Gayatri in consonance with the teachings of various ancient Indian scriptures. An important part of his trip is the meeting and lecture among the youth on 'Thought Power', where he will explain the constructive power of thoughts and discuss various powerful spiritual techniques like prayer, yoga, pranayama and meditation through which the youth can give proper shape to their thoughts and emotions and attain holistic personality development.  

            Next, Dr. Pandya will visit Sydney where he will be meeting with several members of intelligentsia including professors, students and doctors to share with them the relevance and application of the basic principles of spirituality and holistic systems of medicine in the present times. He will show how these eternal principles and techniques are extremely useful in curing various physical and psychosomatic disorders and ensuring overall well being. He will deliver a lecture on 'Integrative Therapies and Holistic Approach to Modern Medicine' in Sydney University and Macquarie University and a lecture on 'Complementary Medicine' among a group of doctors in Strathfield.

            One of the main events during this trip will be the organization of a One Day Sadhana (spiritual penance) Camp named Antah Urja Jagran Satra (spiritual penance for the arousal of divine inner strength) at Australian Hindu Multicultural Association (AHMA) where Dr. Pandya will himself teach various spiritual techniques to the participants. A similar camp was organized in USA last year and the outcomes were amazing - all the participants experienced significant spiritual upliftment and peace of mind after the camp.

            Dr. Pandya will visit the Bal Sanskar Kendra (Center for the inculcation of divine virtues in children) at Granville where he will address the youth on 'Keep Calm and Use the Power of Thought' and distribute certificates. He will explain to the youth the importance of inculcating divine virtues in one's personality and share with them various techniques through which refinement of personality can be achieved. Besides these, Dr. Pandya will also be delivering lectures on 'Principles and Relevance of Ramayana in Modern Day', 'Gita and Vedmata Gayatri' and 'Spirituality and Your Health'. Thus, this visit of Dr. Pandya will serve as an important  milestone for establishing a better understanding of the ancient spiritual wisdom and scientific spirituality among the people of Australia and in motivating them to adopt these principles and techniques for holistic well being.

            In this visit, Dr. Pandya is accompanied by 3 other saints from Shantikunj, i.e. Mr. Rajkumar Vaishnaw, Mr. Omkar Patidar and Mr. Basant Yadav.

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