It is natural for one to yearn for popularity. One wants to be recognized by others, get accepted by them and be respected too. This desire is not bad in itself, but when it becomes an ego-inflating obsession, it becomes a matter of concern. As long as this problem is confined to a few individuals, it can be considered as an individual problem, left to some people to handle. But when this problem engulfs not thousands but millions of people in its snare and begins to influence their life, thinking, emotions and relationships, then it becomes a public concern.

A person passionately desiring to become more popular than others at all costs - is one such problem that we are facing today. It has now become important to analyze and understand various aspects of this issue. Actors, politicians and sportspersons are suffering from this malady in a big way. It would have been fine even if the problem was confined to these spheres, but working class people, teachers, students, employees and house wives are also rapidly becoming victims of this malady. People have begun to resort to some really weird methods to get noticed and become popular. It is not just confined to designer clothes, fashion and extravagant spending. Social networking sites have become a medium for fueling this insatiable and insane pursuit for cheap popularity.

There are more than 200 social networking sites today. The usefulness of these sites cannot be denied in this era of technology, because these networking tools have become a necessity these days. Be it related to study, research or business, if using these media is necessary, then there is no problem. However, when this becomes an obsession, then it is a worrisome issue. It is praiseworthy when this technology is used to spread important information and noble thoughts. Be it the revolution of Egypt or movement by Anna; be it the topic of Tunisian elections or overthrowing of Gaddafi, these sites have played a memorable role in letting the common man express his concerns and emotions.

If networking sites were confined to spreading objective news and ennobling thoughts, then it would have been fine. But when people begin to use them to share the smallest of things in order to gain popularity, then personal life naturally begins to dwindle. Most of the youth meet their friends online using their laptops or phones. They share vulgar photos and videos in order to gain more ‘popularity’. This passion for gaining cheap popularity is not confined to the immature youth, but has spread to economically and socially well-settled men and women. Because of this, they are neither being true to their work nor to their family. The quality of their work is adversely affected and deteriorating relationships result in strife among the family members.

The time of millions of people, which runs into billions of hours, is merely wasted on these websites. Not only the time but effort, talent and capabilities of these people get wasted without any meaningful use. One of the thoughts expounded by Revered Gurudev is – If you want to become popular, do something useful to people. He opined that only diligent and hard working people gain real popularity. In other words, popularity is the natural reward for those who selflessly strive for public good. If somebody wants to become popular in the above context, we respect such people, but only if they are continuously working and proving to be useful to public. Presented below are some principles that are worth adopting for anyone who wants to tread this path –

1.    Be healthy and pure – Being healthy and pure is the first and foremost pre-requisite for becoming genuinely popular. Those who look sickly, unclean and lack discipline can never be adored by people. So, if you want to become popular, be aware of your health and purity of body and mind. Others will learn these virtues from you as a ripple effect and this in itself will make you useful to others.

2.    Be efficient in inter-personal skills – The first and foremost thing while interacting with others is to be sensitive, motivating and pleasant. Always talk to others with a nice smile and pleasant demeanor. Develop the qualities of generosity and tolerance. Always show love even in response to hatred. With all these qualities, others will naturally begin to feel as though you are one of their own kins.

3.    Be empathetic – Learn to feel the sufferings and sorrows of others. Learn to lend a listening ear to others without being obsessed to talking. Be empathetic towards the troubles and problems of others.

4.    Continuously enhance your capabilities and qualifications – you should always strive towards improving your talent, skills and capabilities. Remember that only a talented and able person can prove to be useful to others and hence will be loved by them.

5.    Be a visionary and a thinker – If the ability to think is developed in a multi-faceted manner, it becomes capable of guiding others. It is very rare to find a true mentor and well-wisher in this world. If you develop your empathy and thoughtfulness, you will be able to fill this gap.
6.    Prove yourself – In order to prove your authenticity and worth, always bear in mind the following thumb rules – be true to your word, be punctual, conduct all your transactions with transparency and honesty, always respect women, follow social norms, stay away from picking faults, don’t entertain hatred and maintain confidentiality where required.

7.    Always remain useful to the public – Typically, people are attracted to those people from whom they hope to gain something. Whether you go to somebody or somebody comes to you, always try to help them through your ability and talent. Also maintain a happy and pleasing aura around you.

If our personality is embellished with the virtues outlined above, and we strive to maintain and enhance them on a continuous basis, there is no doubt that we will be truly popular. In such a scenario social networking sites can also be put to good use. These sites and other mediums will prove to be useful for achieving public good when they come into able and discerning hands. This will automatically attract to us love, affection and popularity without the need to stooping to unethical means.

With prayer-filled wishes for the holistic development of our readers in the New Year 2013,

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