A series of brainstorming sessions amongst DIYA  Mumbai Team and the result was a series of talks were planned from 05th Sept’14 to 06th Sept’14 on ‘Thought Revolution’ in Mumbai. Resource person, places, time, schedules all this took meticulous planning by the team  and the outcome was an overwhelming response across Mumbaikars.
DIYA Mumbai was fortunate to have a resource person like Dr.Amitabh Saraf (DIYA Bengaluru and Group Director ADA, Bengaluru) who inspite of his hectic official engagements delivered 5 talks in Mumbai on 05th& 6th Sept’14 commemorating teachers day celebration as a part of its Shiksha Evam Vidya series.
Powerful thoughts reverberated through the air and pulsated in every heart, creating powerful ripples of positive energy, enlightenment, gratitude amongst the hundreds  of excited students amongst whom Dr Amitabh who convened. 

Day One: 5th Sept’14

1. Topic: ‘Positive Thinking – Key to Excellence’.
   05th Sept’14 Time: 09:30 a.m to 11:00 a.m
  Venue: Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies, Matunga

This talk was organized on the eve of Teachers’ day celebration for first year post graduate students specializing in Management Studies. Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee runs Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies. Dr.Saraf spoke about introducing positive thoughts and the wonders that positive thoughts can bring in our lives. Short stories, examples from Indian Inc, Mythology made the session really interesting. Incidents from Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya, Indian educationist and freedom fighter and success stories were shared with students. Stress and ways to manage stress was also covered in the talk by Dr.Saraf which was much needed by the First Year MMS students. The Question Answer session conducted by had an array of questions from the students. Students appreciated the session and understood the significance of positive thoughts.The seminar was attended by the Dr. Bigyan P. Verma, Director of GNIMS.
Testimonial: ‘There is a change in my thinking process, this session influenced me a lot. 
                                             -First year MMS student Sanjay Gupta

2. Topic: ‘Positive Thinking – Key to Excellence’.
   05th Sept’14 Time: 09:30 a.m to 11:00 a.m
 Venue: Government Dental College,Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

This talk was well appreciated by the post graduate students of Government Dental College and faculty members. The seminar was attended by Dr. Mansingh Pawar, the Dean of Government Medical College, Mumbai and Acting Director of Directorate of Medical Education and Research, Mumbai.The seminar was attended by was well attended by 14  HOD’s, 35 Assistant professors. 150 students, 20 other college staffs  including chief administrative officer at Government Dental College. The whole lecture room was full and participants were eager to listen standing or seating on the ground. 
Dr Amitabh in his simple and lucid language explained the doctors How is the cascade of thoughts  initiated? How is the did this grand mission and its revolution on thoughts Vichaar Kranti came into  being? He started with a very resounding introduction of Yugrishi. Of course, the cornerstone of spiritual progress is his literature and the positive thoughts that changed lives of millions of life across the globe. Amitabh quoted how the humble spiritual activities triggered by thought revolution of a small group grew by leaps and bounds to reach out to seekers on a global scale. 
The participants appreciated these sharings by Amitabhji which are simple yet practical ways of achieving Human Excellence.He gave the members from medical fraternity tips on achieving excellence in life. Simple sutras for physical,mental,emotional body were shared by him in the talk

3. ‘Positive Thinking – Key to Excellence’.
  Anuvikas Recreation Club, Tarapur Atomic Power Station 3 & 4
  Time: 06:15 p.m to 08:30p.m
  Venue: Community Centre, TAPS 3-4 Colony, Boisar.

A special talk on Positive Thinking was organized on 05th September 2014 at Tarapur Atomic Power Station 3 & 4 colony community centre. Around 400 plus participants participated in the talk. Senior officials from Tarapur Atomic Power Station 1,2,3,4 and BARC participated into this enlightening session. 
Site Director of Tarapur  Mahatarshtra Site Shri. RPS Tomar in spite of his hectic schedule inagurated the talk. Similarly other senior officers  Shri. A.P. Phadke (Training Superintendent TAPS 3&4), Shri. Trilok Kumar (Scientific Officer), D.P. Mahajan (Scientific Officer), Shri. Madan Rao ( Principal, AECS – 1 ), Shri P.K.Rasal ( Manager HR ) also were present. Family members of the officers residing in the colony also benefitted from this talk.
Dr.Saraf has this uncanny ability to present Pandit Shri Ram Sharmaji’s thoughts with a scientific temper. This manner of presenting facts convinced the august audience about ‘Thought Revolution’ as presented by seer Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharyaji.
DIYA Boisar Team members Shri.S.P.Sangire, Shri.D.S.More, ShriR.M.Jadhav, Mrs.Priti Mahadik, Mrs.Hema Sonar,Kum.Pradnya More made this talk a successful one. Shri.A.P.Phadke,Shri.Trilok Kumar & Shri.Vilas Ahire from Tarapur Atomic Power Station.
DIYA Indrabhushan &  DIYA Rajesh arranged and took care of Photography and Videography and were with Dr.Saraf throughout all sessions.

Day Two: 06th Sept’14

4. Swami Vivekananda High School & Junior College ( DIYA mumbais maiden program in this reputed and perhaps among the top ten in mumbai)

Topic: Architecting Generation Next  ( Bhavi Peedi Ka Nirman)
Time: 10:30 a.m to 12:30 p.m

A much awaited talk for  Std.X students and teaching fraternity at school was organized by DIYA Mumbai. Amitabhji highlighted the theme of the seminar. He said we live in a very fast paced world. With continuously evolving technology, lifestyles are also fast changing. Kids of today get an exposure to the entire world today through technology and they are much more aware of the latest happenings around them now, than earlier times. Parents face a lot of challenge in raising the smart kids of today. We all wish to develop children that are not just modern but are good and sensitive human beings, whose vision is not narrow but broad, who have discretion to choose the right from wrong, who are responsible and who have a positive outlook. Unfortunately, these human qualities cannot be taught in modern day schools and by its teachers. This has to be done by the parents and teachers jointly. 
Children & youths of today will be the architects of the society and the world of the new millennium. The seeds of proper development of their personalities need to be sown in right away, because, childhood & adolescence is supposed to be the best phase of life for inculcation of righteous tendencies (susanskaras). A young mind and sentimental core is like soft wet clay, which can be molded in any desired form. 
The program was well appreciated by principal Bina Gole Madam and the whole team of Vivekanada Education management.

5. Training Hostel – TS Hostel , M P Hall Auditorium 
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Anushaktinagar Mumbai
Topic: Architecting Generation Next ( Bhavi Peedi Ka Nirman)
Time: 05:00 p.m to 07:00p.m

This talk was organized in association with Heavy Water Board, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Dr.Saraf received a warm welcome by Dr.Jagtap and Shri Ramchander Gaud, Principal Atomic Energy Junior College, Anushaktinagar  highlighted the importance of values in life. Dr.Saraf presented a wonderful presentation on Architecting Future Generation in a simple manner that impressed the audience comprising of scientists, academicians, teachers, parents, students. 
Dr Amitabhs slide importance of Human values was very well appreciated by participants. He suggested all participants to develop the art of reading Biographies.We forget to loose the habit as we grow. 
He explained in detail on Panchsheel – Five Great Behavioural Traits.
Shramsheelta (Dignity of labour) +Sahakarita (Generous Cooperation) +Suvyavastha (Organizational Skills) +Sanyamsheelta (Self-control) +Shishtachar (Courteousness) .
He gave tips on the Four Essential Intellectual TRAITS (Imandaari (Truthfulness & Honesty) +Samajhdari (Wisdom)+Bahaduri (Inner Strength)+Jimmedari (Responsibility)
He explained in detail the three gunas ( sattvic, Rajas and tamas) what they are and their interrelation with anna.

The big  take away of the session was ‘Practise what we preach’ as summarized by DIYA Vibha Singh 

Dr.Jagtap,Chemistry Grp Director,BARC in his concluding remark stated the fact that we stop the flow of creativity of kids by spoon feeding them with information.Let them evolve and explore we only need to give them direction.

 DIYA Hitesh Joshi, DIYA Hitesh Lakhani, DIYA Sujata Soparkar, DIYA Bhavana, DIYA S K Kaul & Mrs.Rekha Kaul and whole anushakti nagar team  strived hard to make it a grand success.

The best part in the entire ongoing series of talks delivered at different locations in Mumbai was the overwhelming response received by all. A big thanks to DIYA Dr.Amitabh Saraf who designed these modules as per the respective audiences and DIYA Mumbai got requests from all organizers that they want such sessions in future. DIYA Mumbai was blessed with love, guidance and so many take aways from different talks delivered by Amitabhji.

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