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Vichar Parivartan

Thought Transformation

Date : Saturday, april 11, 2015 (04:00 pm onwards)

Venue: Shilpakala VedikaShilparamam, Hitec city, Hyderabad - 500081, Telangana, INDIA 

Program at a Glance:
  • Keynote Address by HH Dr. Pranav Pandya, Chancellor, Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya & Head, All World Gayatri Parivar
  • Cultural Program with inspiring Pragya Songs 
  • Guided Meditation
  • Rhythmic Yoga
  • Felicitation of social transformers 
  • Question and Answer
Capacity to think is an exclusive characteristic of human mind. This forms the basis of one's ability to deliberate, imagine, analyze and take decisions. However, human mind also tends to imitate and create experiences from its surroundings, based on which it affects one's character. Its quest for knowledge, rationality and liberal thinking has led to ascent of human civilization in many ways. However, excessive focus on material gains and bodily comforts since the post-medieval times seem to have narrowed the domain of human intellect. As a result man has become the slave of situations in spite of having the great capability to master them. This has also led to gradual decline in ethical conduct on personal, professional and social fronts of life.  Today, we have achieved enormous material progress but at the cost of complete negligence of human conscience. Casteism, fatalism, division of society and nations, wars, poverty, diseases, crime, deceit, dishonesty, inequality, backwardness, corruption, crime against women and many more negative clutches are dragging us on the path of massive devastation. Today, we find that the humanity at large has reached a tipping point where we all need to pause, introspect and rethink to reverse the decline which poses a grave risk of collective catastrophe.

Is there a solution? 

Our thoughts inspire our actions and repeated actions in turn become our habits and thereafter our character. History of human civilization has witnessed that collective impact of similar thoughts shape the future of societies, nations and the world as whole. Collective impact of similar thoughts is manifested as actions leading to corresponding circumstances. Thus the solution to the root-cause of the problems of our time lies in righteous thinking. Realizing this Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya, sagacious visionary of the new era motivated “Thought-Revolution” as the key to resurrection of golden era.  In his words: “The most important work of my life has been to make direct and indirect, visible and invisible efforts to change the present time and environment. In these days, we are witnessing an intense crisis of faith. People are bent upon breaking all principles of propriety, morality and conduct. The remedy lies only in the refinement of the minds and emotions of the masses and inspiring growth of righteous tendencies. This has to be done directly by constructive, reformative work and indirectly by invisible spiritual influence. This is being done and the entire energy is being mobilized to attain this objective. The results attained so far are encouraging and the results visualized in the future will be unprecedented.”This seminar would be a unique opportunity for all of us to tap into our thought-power and discuss with the pioneers in disseminating the seeds of “Thought Revolution” across the globe. It will be an enriching experience of sharing our thoughts on shaping our collective future. 


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गायत्री तीर्थ शांतिकुंज में तीन दिवसीय युवा सम्मेलन का आज समापन

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अखिल विश्व गायत्री परिवार के तत्वावधान में स्थानीय रामकृष्ण आश्रम परिसर में जिला युवा प्रकोष्ठ द्वारा 5 दिवसीय युवा व्यक्तित्व निर्माण शिविर का आयोजन किया गया है | जहाँ शिविरार्थी योग, आसान, ध्यान  समेत आध्यात्मिक और बौद्धिक ज्ञान प्राप्त कर.....


नेपाल में आयोजित अंतरराष्ट्रीय विश्व युवा सम्मेलन में गायत्री परिवार का प्रतिनिधित्व

Nepal 8/8/17:-अंतरराष्ट्रीय युवा दिवस के उपलक्ष्य में नेपाल में आयोजित अंतरराष्ट्रीय विश्व युवा सम्मेलन में भारत देश की तरफ से अखिल विश्व गायत्री परिवार के (DIYA TEAM)  के सदस्य श्री पी डी सारस्वत व श्री अनुज कुमार वर्मा सम्मेलन में.....