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Agra: Located in Utter Pradesh's Agra city, near Taj Mahal is a place called Awalkheda, where a grand construction of a unique State-of-the-Art Sun temple and Brahma Kamal is going on right now. 

The unusual feature of this two story high temple will be its lens which will reflect the sun rays throughout the temple and illuminate the idol of God Bhaskar (Sun). From sunrise to sunset the entire temple will be lighted through the sunrays.

This unique Sun Temple and Brahma Kamal is being constructed in Awalkheda, the birthplace of Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya, the founder of  the All World Gayatri Pariwar, which will be inaugurated in November.

This temple will be a splendid feature of attraction, not only from spiritual point of view, but will also serve as chief point of tourist attraction.

Tourists who come to visit the grand symbol of love the Taj Mahal, in Agra would be able to visit Awalkheda to see the exceptionality of this Sun Temple.

In India after Utkal's Konark Sun Temple, people will be able to get glimpse of the God Baskar (Surya) and Brahma Kamal in Awalkheda. 

From now onwards the rays of spirituality will emerge from here. In the middle of this temple, devotees will also get an unparalleled experience of meditating here.

Awalkheda village is situated about 25 kilometer from Agra on Jalesar Road, which  is being developed as a tourist spot along with a place of spiritual pilgrimage. 

Shantikunj, the Headquarter of Gayatri Pariwar,   situated in Haridwar is establishing this Surya Temple as a unique experiment in regards to ancient pilgrimage tradition which will serve as a priceless spiritual heritage.

People with scientific spiritual outlook who are interested in bringing social change, and who are excited about self-refinement, will find guidance from here. Despite Surya Temple the construction of Brahma Kamal is also underway, at this premise of Gurudev’s birthplace. Other parts of the premise is kept as is with just a little facelift.

This temple is two stories high so that the intense rays of the sun can embellish the temple.  A big lens will be placed on top of this temple. This is the peculiarity and specialty of this temple.

The temple is oriented in such a way that the rays of the sun will be reflected by the lens and will directly illuminate the idol of God Bhaskar, which is established in the temple. Special arrangements are being made so that sun rays can be utilized to provide the source of light whereby eliminating the need of artificial light.  The idol of God Bhaskardev is made from the white marble and  is established on a chariot along with his charioteer in the middle of the grand hall.

The 7 horses are placed on the chariot in such a way that they appear as if they will take off any second. On top of the idol  a huge wheel is sculpted which represents the rising sun. In this temple there will be constant chanting of the Gayatri Mantra and Pragya Songs will be played all day.

On the bottom floor of this Sun Temple, a Swastika hall has been built. An impressive state-of-the-art exhibition will be displayed on the life of Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya, highlighting his personality and achievements. All of his 3,200 books, 4 vedas, 108 Upanishads, 6 Darshan, 20 Smruti, 18 Puraan, Summary on Gita and Ramayan, Gayatri Mahavigyana  and things related to life management will all be exhibited there. This display will provide, faithful devotees and tourists, plenty of information about him.

Engineer, Mr. Sharadh Paardhi stated that the construction of this temple had begun in August 2011. 

Architect, Mr. Ashok Mookha had prepared the blueprint of this premise. A construction company from Delhi has been working on this project for the last three years and according to them it could take 6 more months to finish.  Expert craftsmen from Delhi and Nagpur are working on this temple.

Suryadev's idol which is established in the temple has been brought from Chennai. A space has been kept open on the top of the temple for the lens. The top of the temple is constructed like a slab that has been made stronger by giving it an angle, which is covered by a glass.  Due to these reasons this temple looks different compared to all other traditional temples.

Experts believe that once the lens will be placed in the temple it will be a stunning monument and masterpiece of great significance.

According to the Head of All World Gayatri Pariwar, Dr. Pranav Pandya, people will be surprised and mesmerized by this significant monument, which is an offering at his Guru's feet. He also mentioned that compared to the ordinary temples, curious seekers of spirituality will get a different experience here. 

Gayatri Shaktipeeth, Awalkheda's organizer, Ghanshyam Devangan, cited that the spiritual ambiance of the Sun Temple will spread far and wide. Furthermore he states that the devotees who visit here will also get a diverse experience of meditating.

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