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It all began with a small talk at Thane College by DIYA Mumbai which germinated an idea in Smt Jagruti Gupta’s & DIYA Suchita to spread Guruji’s thoughts in Thane schools. She geared in action and secured formal approvals from Thane Municipal Corporation to have sessions for students studying at Thane Municipal schools. All organization works with convent schools but DIYA pledged to work with municipal schools with a noble intent of sowing seeds of enlightenment making difference in their lives inspiring and uplifting young students. DIYA has been emphasizing on importance of imparting value base education. Each session was formulated to deliver self management, positive thoughts , creativity and story telling to impart skills and values which would help them to rise above their predicament and keep them in good stead for future.
Saturdays being working day for Mumbaikars, a small team of DIYA Mumbai volunteers and Inner Wheel Club Thane join hands to make a difference in the lives of children. DIYA brightens up the lives of TMC schools students
12th Sept’15 – ‘Ideal Student’
The series started on 12th Sept’15 with Smt. Suman Roy from DIYA Mumbai, who after finishing working hours in school where she teaches, rushed to Thane Municipal Corporation Marathi medium School for the session. The topic was ‘Issues, Challenges faced by Students’.
The community hall was full of chatter of 200 students boys and girls put together. A nice beginning with guided meditation calmed the students and Suman Didi started with presenting current times, the problem areas. Visuals, examples made students interested and a nice story narrated well grabbed their interest.
A special focus on solutions with real live cases from her counselling experience made students realize that they can battle problems of any level and succeed. In the end an interesting Quiz was taken and students who answered questions were rewarded with ”Loose not your heart” in Hindi. All Teachers were gifted by ‘Time Management’ in Marathi and ‘Benefits of Tulsi’.
Principal, Thane Municipal Corporation appreciated this noble initiative of DIYA Mumbai and Inner Wheel Club helping students.
26th Sept’15 - ‘Positive Thinking’
DIYA Mumbai gearing up to spread positive thoughts at TMC school at Thane on 26th Sept’15 for 200 students of Std.X .DIYA Pankaj Deshmukh, his son Aditya and DIYA Snigdha Srivastava along with DIYA Jagruti planned this session so well students were not ready to go back home.
DIYA Snigdha sang pragya bhajan in her melodious voice which set the mood for the talk.DIYA Pankaji explained how thoughts emerge ways to have positivity around through interesting stories Then came the icing on the cake by DIYA Aditya who stressed that very problem in life has a solution. He used simple mathematical problems and taught them easy ways to have solutions in short time. Students were excited, motivated with this initiative of DIYA Mumbai along with Inner Wheel Club Thane Garden city.
  3rd Oct’15 - ‘Stress Management’ for Girls
DIYA Jagruti and DIYA Hitesh Joshi took up the onus of sharing simple sutras of healthy life with 75 girls of TMC school .The session started with an introduction to body,mind, lifestyle,focus on current health concerns and then gradually arriving at solutions.
Pranayam was shared with two girls chosen from the student team who demonstrated really well. Demonstrations of pragya yog followed and one could see all 75 girls enjoying these simple ways to stay fit. They all promised that they would continue with these good habits and share it with others as well.
10th Oct’15 – ‘Thoughts of Swami Vivekananda’
500 students from Std.IXth and Std.X was a big lot to handle but their enthusiasm to learn something motivated DIYA Mumbai volunteers. DIYA Mamta Sharma chanted Gayatri mantra and a small meditation session to relax the busy minds. There after DIYA Indrabhushan narrated short stories each with different virtues of Swami Vivekananda. Fantastic Q and A session followed by DIYA Jagruti and DIYA Snigdha An interactive mode with students made them gradually open up and share their concerns like fear,despair. The icing on the cake was an animated short audio visual depicting Swamiji’s life made the magic of leaving an everlasting impression of the great youth icon’Swami Vivekanada’.
Adarniya Kaalicharanji in one of his discourse in Mumbai had suggested to take Gayatri Mantra to the last person of society everyone drivers, maid servants, the watchman, the underprivileged ,students…. Some cherishing takeaways was students now know Gayatri mantra by heart, since all four sessions started with Gayatri Mantra and ended with Gayatri Mantra. A small dedicated team of DIYA Jagruti didi, Indrabhushan, Suchita ,Snigdhaji, Sumandidi , Hiteshbhai, Pankaj Desmukh ,Aditya, Mamtaji, Sameerbhai strived hard to make this series a grand success and establish a connect with TMC school, the students and teachers.

Whatever the programs DIYA Mumbai is striving all to converge into 9th January Seminar of Shraddeya Drji on women empowerment in Mumbai.

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गायत्री तीर्थ शांतिकुंज में तीन दिवसीय युवा सम्मेलन का आज समापन

क्षमता का विकास करने का सर्वोत्तम समय युवावस्था - डॉ पण्ड्याराष्ट्रीय राजधानी क्षेत्र के युवाओं को तीन दिवसीय सम्मेलन का समापनहरिद्वार 17 अगस्त।गायत्री तीर्थ शांतिकुंज में तीन दिवसीय युवा सम्मेलन का आज समापन हो गया। इस सम्मेलन में राष्ट्रीय राजधानी.....


संस्कारित युवा पीढ़ी के निर्माण से होगा राष्ट्र निर्माण: नीलिमा

अखिल विश्व गायत्री परिवार के तत्वावधान में स्थानीय रामकृष्ण आश्रम परिसर में जिला युवा प्रकोष्ठ द्वारा 5 दिवसीय युवा व्यक्तित्व निर्माण शिविर का आयोजन किया गया है | जहाँ शिविरार्थी योग, आसान, ध्यान  समेत आध्यात्मिक और बौद्धिक ज्ञान प्राप्त कर.....


नेपाल में आयोजित अंतरराष्ट्रीय विश्व युवा सम्मेलन में गायत्री परिवार का प्रतिनिधित्व

Nepal 8/8/17:-अंतरराष्ट्रीय युवा दिवस के उपलक्ष्य में नेपाल में आयोजित अंतरराष्ट्रीय विश्व युवा सम्मेलन में भारत देश की तरफ से अखिल विश्व गायत्री परिवार के (DIYA TEAM)  के सदस्य श्री पी डी सारस्वत व श्री अनुज कुमार वर्मा सम्मेलन में.....