Published on 2015-12-11

It is for the first time, ever in our country that FOGSI and UPCOG organized Mega Event on National Conference of Obstetrics & Gynecology –  BASICS TO RECENT along with 27th State Conference of Obstetrics & Gynecology UPCOG at GSVM Medical College Kanpur on that conference from shantikunj Dr. Gayatri Sharma have talk on Effect of Spiritual Treatment on growth and viability of fetus.

Dr. Gayatri Sharma Explain that Human body has three dimensions Physical, Mental and Causal body. Spiritual treatments directly affect mental and causal body. Today we are facing challenges to deal with younger generation who lacks moral and emotional values. Obstetrician are doing their best for A.N.C. patients to achieve maternal and fetal wellbeing but the important aspects of mental. Social and Spiritual wellbeing are lacking which needs our attention.

She also explain how inside the womb foundation of physical, mental, and spiritual (emotional) body of fetus are laid down. All senses like sound, smell, taste, touch, pain are fully operational, center of emotion, memory and learning became functional. It can register many languages and collects all information. Brain cells multiply at the rate of 250-5 lacks/min and synapses at the rate of   1.8 million/sec.  Experiences of fast growing brain are almost permanent and very difficult to change. She says that according to Dr. Roopart Sheldrek of Cambridge university there is a metaphysical force called Morphogenetic force which is generated by mothers thoughts, emotions, diet, family and social environment during pregnancy is responsible for the development of thought, emotions, skill, talent, character and personality of a child. This is also known as principle of formative causation.

She also explain how Positive thoughts and emotions like cheerfulness, love and satisfaction produces Positive Neurotransmitters like Serotonin, Endorphin Encephalin, and Acetylcholine that develop good qualities like happiness. Cheerfulness, interactive. Intelligence, attentiveness and creativity, good in academics, communication skill, decision making, relationship, good self-esteem, increased logical skill and with inner silence; it can cope up in all areas of life. 

She say how Negative thoughts and emotions of mother releases stress hormones like Adrenaline noradrenalin. ACTH and cortisol which cause constriction in fetal circulation, resulting IUGR due to decreased supply of oxygen and nutrients. It may lead to a fussy hyperactive, irritable. Colicky, withdrawn, crying, aggressive 8r mentally, emotionally, behaviorally disordered child.

Also, she says Poor nutrition of mother leads to l.U.G.R and more susceptibility to diseases like heart, Diabetes, cancer, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and mental, emotional and behavioral problems. 

Finally She gave the explanation on the best time to develop good qualities in baby is from the day of conception to 3-5 yrs. After five years conscious mind starts to work.

She says  Shantlkunj, Hardwar have started positive health awakening program which are being organized in India and abroad through Womb ceremony for complete wellbeing of fetus under the direct guidance of Dr. Pranav Pandya, MD. (Medicine). Chancellor of DSVV and head of All world Gayatri Pariwar.

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