We are please to inform you about the forthcoming Study Camp on 25th & 26th August 2012 at Ambaji Gujarat. You along with your whole family are invited to participate in this spiritual retreat. About Kranti dharmi sahitya A continuous flow of powerful literature dealing with the science of revolutions flowed from the pen of the great revolutionary visionary Pandit . Sriram Sharma Acharya a year before his “Mahaprayaan” (1989 – 1990) which has now become famous as “Kranti dharmi Sahitya “. According to our most adorable Master Pandit Sriram Sharma Acharya himself told, these 20 books are – “The seeds of my “THOUGHT REVOLUTION” (Vichara Kranthi). If even a few of these seeds are scattered they will shake the people out of their slumber. They will change the map of the world.” If the whole literature of the YugaRishi written in His entire lifetime dealing right from the art of living to very deep philosophical intricacies, social restructuring, scientific religion etc., be placed on one side of the scales and if these 20 books written following the style of aphorisms (heavily condensed Thought - Capsules) of the sages be placed on the other, these will outweigh them – Pt.Sriram Sharma Acharya. Highlights of Study Camp · Build self character by imbibing spiritual disciplines (sadhana) in our lifestyle. · The camp aims on studying Kranti Dharmi Sahitya for our moral, intellectual and cultural development. · Study the glorious vision and deep insights of Guruji Pt Shriram Sharma revealing the bright future. · Musical Meditation Naad Yoga in evening · Aromatherapy by means of Gayatri Yagna · Benefit from the Pragya Yoga, Pranayam and ‘keep-fit’ sessions · Shramdan activities to bring relief to the mind, body and soul Program Details 25th & 26th August .Participants are likely to reach the venue by 24th August evening or latest before 8 am on 25th Morning Study Camp will begin on 25th August 10 am sharp and conclude @ 5 pm on 26th August.Camp would be conducted under the able guidance of Senior Sadhakas from Shantikunj Venue Gayatri Shaktipith. Gabbar Road, Ambaji,Ta. Data, Dist. Banaskantha : 385 110 Travelling to & fro to venue To be arranged by participants themselves. Nearest Rly Stn Abu Road (~20 km from Abu stn ) or 3 hours journey by road from Ahmedabad ( ~150 km) Participation Participation in the camp is through prior confirmation only. Limited seats: Enrolment, generally speaking, on “First Come, First Served” basis For details pls contact 09869616804 ( Mumbai) gpmumbai@gmail.com 09825883448,09904195688 (Surat,Billimora,Valsad,Vapi,Bharuch ) surat@diya.net.in 09824990501, 09727715696 ,09909909166 (Ahmedabad) rishikeshpandit@gmail.com 09998008469,09825028686,09825095736, 09825746049 (Vadodara & Rest of Gujarat) vadodara@diya.net.in 09414094604 (Rajasthan ) vivekvijayvargiya@gmail.com Lodging Though we have arranged for pillows, bed sheet and bed parijans are free to bring their own. Miscellaneous items like regular medicines, soap, toothpaste, brush, torchlight etc are to be brought on own. Food We would arrange simple, satvic & nutritious Breakfast,Dinner,Lunch from 24th eve to 26th eve Camp Contribution Though Shaktipeeth have arranged everything we would like to voluntarily provide a minimum contribution Rs 200 per head or as per their Shradda. Footnote Participation in camp solely at own risk. A mail of confirmation on same would be highly appreciated About Gayatri Shaktipeeth-- Ambaji For advancing the good & pious activities and emancipating the sinful actions or evil deeds, venerable Guru Shri Ram Sharma Acharya managed to set up Gayatri Shaktipiths. He did so instead of setting uo traditional temples. These Shaktipiths are engaged in numerous activities. Gauge's sole aim behind the establishment of such Skaktipiths is to inculcate humanity in its pure form and to arouse divinity in human relation and to make the earth heavenlike. He had a board and far-sighted vision of educating all human beings through religion. The Yug Nirman Yojana is a global movement for moral, cultural, intellectual and spiritual transformation of the society. The objectives of this movement are to reform , refine and uplift the individual, and the family and the society as a whole to make them fit for manifestation of a new epoch of universal peace love and understanding Shakti peeth are the launching platform for initiating You Nirman Yojna. Our Gurudev Yugrishi Pandi Shriram Aacharya had announce to set up 24 Shaktipeeths alaround the country. Shakti peeth at Ambaji was one of them & this was announced in the year 1979, by Gurudev and is now being shaped amidest the hills of Arasur (Arvali range of forests) and holy place of pilgrimage “Ambaji”. The Shaktipith is the vivinity of Gabbar. Special Features of Ambaji Shaktipeeth These are the special spiritual features of this Shakti-peeth Grand Shaktipeeth beautiful with the idol of Mother Gayatri. Initiation of 12.5 million written Gayatri Mantras. PYAR PYAAR HI HAMARA MANTRA HEIN. Atmiyata ,MAMTA, SNEHA, SHRADDHA yeah hi Hamari Upasana hein. Atmiyata ke vistaar ka naam hi Adhyatmika Hein Abstracts from "Hamari Vasiyat aur Virasat" - Pandit Shriram Sharma

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शांतिकुंज में मनाया जायेगा गुरु गोविन्द सिंह जी महाराज का ३५० प्रकाशोसत्व

सभी सिक्ख भाई- बहिनों को भावभरा आमंत्रण

वर्ष २०१७- १८ में देशभर में सिक्ख मतावलम्बियों के दशम गुरु गुरु गोविंद सिंह जी महाराज के ३५०वें प्रकाशोत्सव के उपलक्ष्य में समारोह आयोजित हो रहे हैं। अखिल विश्व गायत्री परिवार भी २२ अगस्त.....


नव सृजन युवा संकल्प समारोह, नागपुर

नव सृजन युवा संकल्प समारोह, नागपुर दिनांक 26, 27, 28 जनवरी 2018
यौवन जीवन का वसंत है तो युवा देश का गौरव है। दुनिया का इतिहास इसी यौवन की कथा-गाथा है।  कवि ने कितना सत्य कहा है - दुनिया का इतिहास.....