Published on 2017-02-19

Despite being a country with a population of 1.2 billion plus, India faces a blood shortage of 3 million units. The problem can be addressed if an additional two percent of Indians donated blood, health experts say. According to a survey by World Health Organisation (WHO) report, only nine million units are collected annually, while the need is for 12 million units.

DIYA Mumbai (Anushaktinagar) has been conducting a blood donation drive since 2007.The initiate started as paying gratitude to our volunteer Late Smt. Sunita Acharya. Over the years, it has joined hands with Tata Memorial Hospital and also with Maharashtra State Blood Transfusion Council. Many in need have been benefited from this noble endeavour, which has inspired many to take such initiatives.

From Last two years, other prominent organizations of Anushakti Nagar, Telugu SahitJya Samiti (TSS), Bhart Jain Mahamandal Association (BJMA), Kanchi Kamkoti Kainkarya Sabha (AKKS) and Telugu SahitJya Samiti, also joined with the initiative for the noble cause with DIYA.

This year the 10th blood donation drive was organized on 19 February 2017 at Atomic Energy central school-1 (AECS-1), Anushaktinagar in Association with Tata Memorial Hospital, where Bhart Jain Mahamandal  Association (BJMA) and Telugu Sahitya Samiti also collaborated once again with DIYA. There is a always a significant, ongoing need for blood and blood products at Tata Hospital with Cancer Patients visiting all around world  Because there is no substitute for human blood, the generosity of blood donors helps to ensure that the hospital maintains an adequate supply for patients.

Shri Y.K Taly (Chairman, BARC Safety Council), Shri A.N Verma, (Chief Executive, Heavy Water Board), Shri S.K Kaul (Head, TSD, BARC) attended the drive and donated blood. Notably, jawans of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) also participated in the blood donation drive enthusiastically. Shri Yogesh Chandra Mishra (Inspector, CISF) said that such initiatives are a welcome step and must be encouraged.

Shri K.Y Shastri, who has donated blood 90 times was also present in the drive and was motivating the participants while also telling them the need & necessity of donating blood for the benefit of those in need. Also present was Shri Santosh Yadwad, who is doing a very noble cause of donating platelets and is a registered platelets donor with the Tata Memorial Hospital.

The Blood Donation Drive attained bigger magnitude this year as over 265 blood units were collected (329 donors participated) for the benefit of cancer patients. Notably the number of womens participants was closely in tune of 40 % and above.12 Beds were laid down for collection. Scientists stand in queue to donate blood. All the beds were continuously occupied from 10 am to 5 pm.

Tulsi saplings are also usually distributed to the donors. Yugrishi’s Sahitya, a thermometer and a certificate of appreciation was given to all donors. Yug Sahitya stall was also put up at the venue. Also, Yugrishi’s sadvakyas were put up by way of flex boards which inspired all the participants. What was heartening to note was enthusiastic participation by women. Conducting a blood donation drive for 10 years persistently is a remarkable feat.

DIYA Hitesh & Bhavana Joshi , Shri A.N Verma & Kamlesh Verma , Shri S.K Kaul & Rekha Kaul, DIYA Vijay & Shraddha Patle, DIYA Rahul & Jyoti Tripathi, Vijay Sikarwarji ,Shri D C Srivastavji, Smt Namrata Kadam,Shri Parshuram Yadavji,DIYA Varidhi Yadav, DIYA Mohan Patkahji ,DIYA Richa Verma, DIYA Komal Agrahari, DIYA Mahendra Surtiji, DIYA Ashutosh,Shri Ashirvad Chaudhary, Smt R Maheshwari, DIYA Devendra Sharma, DIYA reena Chaudhary, DIYA Gayatri Yadav, DIYA Shabana Khan, DIYA Vijay patel , DIYA Mahesh Dungrani, DIYA Umesh Kumar Singh, DIYA Sachin Uike, DIYA Balwant Kanthariya, DIYA Nilesh patel, DIYA Rahul Sharmaji, DIYA Jayant Kumar, DIYA Omprakash Nisenji and whole team was instrumental in conducting the drive.

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