Tree Plantation Campaign: Bal Sanskar Shala of Gayatri Chetna Center, Piscataway New Jersey

Published on 2017-12-26

       One of the major world-wide campaigns of All World Gayatri Pariwar ( is the “Vruksha Ganga Abhiyan” or “Tree Plantation Campaign” to restore the damage and imbalance in our environment.  To honor this campaign, Bal Sanskar Shala students of the Gayatri Chetna Center, Piscataway, NJ participated in a tree planting program. After the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, many areas in the local community lost a lot of trees. On April 27, 2013, students and parent volunteers planted 50 Red Oak and Green Ash tree seedlings at Possumtown Park, Piscataway in honor of Arbor Day.  These students have pledged to protect the trees for the next two years.
         The event began with the recitation of Gaytri Mantras and a brief vedic ritual conducted by Ad. Tripathiji from Shantikunj, Haridwar to protect the trees before planting.  This puja also served as an auspicious manner of commencing Bal Sanskar Shala's event with the blessings of all the divine forces.  Mayor Brian Wahler of Piscataway Township graced us with his presence and encouraged our students to continue their wonderful services to the community.  John Knapp from the Piscataway Recreation Department commented on the students' amazing enthusiasm and the Bal Sanskar School’s wonderful teaching value of selfless service.  The students and parents dug holes and planted the tree seedlings with great care.  After mulching and watering the tree seedlings, the parents and children held hands around the seedling chanting Gayatri Mantra for the tree protection.  It was a wonderful sight to see the children, in their green t-shirts that had a logo - “Live for Today...Plant for Tomorrow” scattered throughout the vicinity of the park.  The fun-filled and educational program was a perfect way for the children to get their hands dirty and also give back to their community.


Pragya Abhiyaan E-Paper

शक्ति संवर्धन की योजनायें- सम्पादकीय- पेज- २ पीड़ित मानवता की सेवा में समर्पित युग स्रुजेताओं की कथा-गाथा.....


युगाण्डा के प्रधानमंत्री से मिले, डॉ. चिन्मय पण्ड्याजी

मंगलवार को देवसंस्कृति विश्वविद्यालय के प्रतिकुलपति डॉ. चिन्मय पण्ड्याजी ने युगांडा के प्रधानमंत्री श्री रुहाकान रुगुंडा से प्रधानमंत्री कार्यालय कम्पाला में भेंट की। इस अवसर पर उन्हें डॉ. चिन्मय ने गायत्री परिवार व देवसंस्कृति विवि के संयुक्त तत्त्वावधान में चलाये.....


युगाण्डा में हुआ १०८ कुण्डीय गायत्री महायज्ञ

डॉ. चिन्मय पण्ड्या के नेतृत्व में पहुंची शांतिकुंज टीमभारतीय परंपरा के अनुसार हुए विभिन्न संस्कारहरिद्वार ३ अप्रैल।पूर्वी अफ्रीका के देश युगाण्डा की राजधानी कम्पाला में १०८ कुण्डीय गायत्री महायज्ञ का आयोजन हुआ। इसमें युगाण्डावासियों ने बढ़- चढ़कर भागीदारी कर समाज.....