Published on 2018-06-07

On 31st May, 2018, two strong DIYA teams swooped on to Dadar and Mankhurd local railway stations to spread the message of de-addiction to the masses. The eclectic ensemble of DIYAs consisted of driven professionals, who knew how to deliver and get their message across. The De-Addiction drive became more meaningful with the collaborative participation of students from Gurunanak Institute of Management Studies. People from all walks of life were pleasantly surprised and supportive of the Drive and imbibed the message well. Team DIYA was armed with the arsenal of Yugrishi’s ignorance-ripping, soul-building literature and this they distributed freely. They also carried a sophisticated mike broadcast-system and de-addiction boards with Yugrishi’s pointed messages on living an addiction-free life. The DIYAs went around the liquor shops, the dark & dingy corners around the stations - where the substance abusers are comfortable hiding – and made them understand the value and beauty of an addiction-free life. There is a segment of society which toils heavily, where their blood turns to sweat, and thus they earn their daily bread. But due to ignorance and illiteracy, they turn to vicious addictions such as alcohol and tobacco. Their hard-earned money of the day goes down at night in these addictions and by the upcoming dawn, these workers are as penniless as they were the earlier day. Team DIYA went and made them understand the act of this self-inflicting atrocity they are committing and assured them of help in all ways possible – if they chose to help themselves. The team also met many luminous souls who were earlier mired in the cycle of addictions, but had given up and living a clean life.


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युग निर्माण हेतु भावी पीढ़ी में सुसंस्कारों की आवश्यकता जिसकी आधारशिला है भारतीय संस्कृति ज्ञान परीक्षा -शांतिकुंज प्रतिनिधि आ.रामयश तिवारी जी

वाराणसी व मऊ उपजोन की *संगोष्ठी गायत्री शक्तिपीठ,लंका,वाराणसी के पावन प्रांगण में संपन्न* हुई।जहां ज्ञान गंगा की गंगोत्री,*महाकाल का घोंसला,मानव गढ़ने की टकसाल एवं हम सभी के प्राण का केंद्र अखिल विश्व गायत्री परिवार शांतिकुंज,हरिद्वार* से पधारे युगऋषि के अग्रज.....


Yoga Day celebration

Yoga day celebration in Dharampur taluka district ValsadGaytri pariwar Dharampur.....


गर्भवती महिलाओं की हुई गोद भराई और पुंसवन संस्कार

*वाराणसी* । गर्भवती महिलाओं व भावी संतान को स्वस्थ व संस्कारवान बनाने के उद्देश्य से भारत विकास परिषद व *गायत्री शक्तिपीठ नगवां लंका वाराणसी* के सहयोग से पुंसवन संस्कार एवं गोद भराई कार्यक्रम संपन्न हुआ। बड़ी पियरी स्थित.....