Billions of humans are daily dragging their lives and not living it. To experience the joy of living, presence of an ideal is essential in life.

It is only then that one can work on path of excellence. One can live a life only by practicing values and virtues in life. Modern lifestyle has brought lot of challenges in our life. Obesity, diseases, insomnia.The food what we eat is surged with fertilizers and inorganic ways of yield production. The air we breath is polluted, our rivers are polluted, thoughts are polluted. Paanch Tatva from which we are made is polluted.

It has becoming immensely difficult to handle the challenges of studies, goals, emotions and expectations with ease. Prices are soaring high and people are feeling insecure. Almost everybody, every country, every community feels insecure. We all need a big change in our society, and change in our attitude.

DIYA Mumbai formulated two modules for Praga Yoga for stress management.

First Module is the basic module of 150 minutes
. It is the general awareness session wherein we sensitized students, teachers, corproates, masses in general on lifestyle, demonstrate them Pragya Yoga Vyayam,Pranayama alongwith stretches & suksma vyayama,Omkar Meditation,Corpse poster or Savasana,Focus is on Atma Chintan (Thinking)  & Atma Sudhar( Goal setting for change)

Where participants are free to attend the next workshop.

Part two module is a two day residential course. It is for the sincere seeker & aspirant. It is the advance module of Praga Yoga for stress management. We can also call it as an Happiness Program. A small batch size of 25 to 30 participants is invited for the workshop. All of them report by Friday evening. It is pretty much related to upliftment i.e   Atma bodh (self awareness), Atma Chintan ( Thinking) ,Atma Sudhar( Improvement),Atma Pragati ( progress) & Atma Nirman (Development).

It includes Tratak meditation, Naad Yoga, Three bodies Dhyan, Pranayamas & Mudra Pranayamas, Seva activities, Gayatri Yagna, Satsang, Pragya Bhajans. Particpants are made to experience inner peace, calmness.

Report on Pragya Yoga for Stress Management Part One Course at Atomic School Number One on 1st September ,2013

In lines with above after recent workshop at GNIMS DIYA conducted another workshop at BARC (Atomic Energy School Number- One).The workshop was attended by senior scientists, youths and residents of BABA ATOMIC RESEARCH CENTRE. Mr. Subhabrata Bose Chief Administrative Officer himself attended the workshops.

After the initial ice breaking sessions participants where sensitized by modern day lifestyle and the toll it is taking on our well being. Interactive group discussions were conducted. Solutions as indicated and directed by Param Pujya Gurudev where offered. Goal setting process was initiated where each participants were asked to  write at least five goals which they would do in next 30 days for living a better life physically, mentally and emotionally.Many sankalpa came out.Many pledge to use staircase, many decided to sit in sun for at least half an hour daily,do pranayama,include swadhyay,get involve in seva.

Constructive discussions on collaboration with DIYA Mumbai & SMART group of BARC was discussed.

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