Published on 2018-10-13

Atmiya Paarijans

Jai Gurudev

DIYA, Mumbai Partners with one of India’s Premier Engineering College for Mental Health Management Workshop through Naad Yoga

“One who desires true union of yoga should leave all thinking behind and concentrate with single-pointed attention on the Nada.”

- Hatha Yoga Pradipika 4.93

Naad Yoga is one more gem of the Indian Spiritual Highway, which becomes the mode to unite with the union of Jivatma with the Parmatma. Naad Yoga is “union through sound.” It is the branch of yoga, where transformation is brought about through Shabd or Naad. Naad enjoys the same pedestal in Yoga as Energy in Science. As energy stays invisible, but is felt - in a similar manner, all energy, all sounds produce Naad. Thus, sound becomes one mode to feel this energy. Science has proven that everything in the universe vibrates at its particular energy level and nature. This includes plants, celestial bodies, our electronic gadgets, and of course – the human body too. When the natural frequency of energy vibrations go out of tune, we also fall “out of balance” in our bodily existence and this triggers the manifestation of a diseased state of mind/body.

Practice of Naad Yoga brings about instant tranquility and one can perceive the immediate dissipation of mental and emotional cobwebs. The soothing effect of Naad Yoga is well documented and the technological advancements in biofeedback systems have left no doubt in the palliative potency of Naad Yoga. Today, while working with the principles of Naad Yoga, we have both technology and analytics capability to understand and measure human physiology, energy and emotions via the measurement of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), and these capabilities help us understand the visionary insight of our Rishis of yore.

The Self-Management experts at Team DIYA, Mumbai are always striving to provide strong emotional and mental moorings to a wide spectrum of people. Seminars, workshops, talks and skits are just few of the mediums that Team DIYA utilizes to achieve an interactive engagement with the people. The DIYA calendar is always marked full, due to the overwhelming invites, the team accepts, for various activities round the year. Naad Yoga, guided by Vandaniya Mataji is one of the incarnate means to achieve instant tranquility. Through Yugrishi’s blessings, Team DIYA is successful in providing the peace the participants seek, when they flock to these events.

On 13th of October 2018, Team DIYA was invited to address the mental health issues plaguing the students and adolescents and also to highlight the Mental Health Day – by K J Somaiya College, Vidyavihar, Mumbai. The workshop on Secrets of positive mental health through Naad Yoga Music was designed by DIYA Snigdha Shrivastava. K J Somaiya College is among India’s top ranking Engineering College, with many international achievements in their kitty. DIYA Snigdha Shrivastava, an alumnus of the prestigious college was instrumental in ensuring an inspiring day for all participants.

The workshop started with the Somaiya College Prayer and then an inspiring discourse on Naad Yoga, by Team DIYA. DIYA Snigdha Herself an engineer, blended in seamlessly with the young, inquisitive mindset of the budding engineers at Somaiya, and brought down the abstract concepts to a pulsating, perceptive framework – that the young minds could relate to. DIYA members explained the challenges of the present times and how it affects our health and breathing patterns. They also took the gathered youth to the realm of holistic, remedial measures one need to take recourse to. During the talk the team gave lucid explanation of different dimensions of mind, difference between Man and Buddhi and the importance of pranayam in life. Gently, they took the participants to Naad Yoga, with completely contemporary and understandable introduction to Naad Yoga, through the concept of Naad and Anahad. This was followed by a practical session on Naad Yoga Sadhana. DIYA Snigdha, herself a perceptive Gayatri Sadhika shares her feeling of awe at the descending calmness in the hall, when the participants soaked in the tranquility of Naad Yoga. The well attended opportunity was also availed by the faculty, management members and staff of the college.

The workshop was followed by a detailed meeting with Dr. Sudha Gupta, Associate Prof. & Dean of Students Affairs. Team DIYA and Dr. Gupta discussed at length about the round-the-clock contributions of Team DIYA, Mumbai and how DIYA can become a part of the college activities on a regular scale. Dr. Gupta has shown immediate interest for execution of Project Drishtikon at the college campus.

Thus, the highly successful workshop on Secrets of positive mental health through Naad Yoga Music winded up with more days of fun-filled and gyaan-filled interaction in the DIYA calendar.

Each session, brings in more queries, understanding and resolutions – for Team DIYA, as well as the participants.

Team DIYA ( A promising youth movement of All World Gayatri Parivar, Of the Youth, By The Youth, FOR The Youth)

Report Prepared by Dr Swati Gupta and Team, CAG Team Mumbai

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माँ भगवती महिला मंडल जमालपुर के संयोजन में नवम नवचेतना ५ कुंडिया त्री महायज्ञ का आयोजन ंगायत्री प्रज्ञा पीठ शिशु मंदिर मुंगरौरा जमालपुर में किया गया. गाय

माँ भगवती महिला मंडल के संयोजन में नवचेतना विस्तार गायत्री महायज्ञ की श्रंखला का नवम 5 कुंडिया कुंडिया गायत्री महायज्ञ का आयोजन दिनांक 27 /08 /2023 को गायत्री प्रज्ञापीठ शिशु मंदिर मुंगरौरा स्कूल जमालपुर में सफलता पूर्वक.....


माँ भगवती महिला मंडल जमालपुर द्वारा नवचेतना विस्तार 5 कुंडिया गायत्री महायज्ञ का आयोजन रामपुर ठाकुरबाड़ी में किया गया

ज्ञ से उत्पन्न ऊर्जा के रचनात्मक नियोजन से समाज की सर्वांगीण प्रगति संभव-मनोज मिश्र/जमालपुर, मां भगवती महिला मंडल के संयोजन में नवचेतना विस्तार गामत्री महायज्ञ की श्रृंखला में आठवां पंचकुंडीय गायत्री महायज्ञ में रामपुर बस्ती के ठाकुड़वाड़ी शिवाला में.....