Published on 2018-12-29

*29th December 2018/ DIYA Mumbai/ Pragya Yoga Workshop/ Kalina Military Camp* :- DIYA Mumbai has been spreading awareness among Indian armed forces about the intrinsic benefits of Pragya Yoga in day-to-day life. Kalina area close to Santacruz in Mumbai has a military base (called Kalina Military camp). DIYA Mumbai conducted a workshop on Pragya Yoga for Healthy Living providing a holistic approach for harmonising a healthy mind and body to 200 plus personnel’s , officers and their families. The workshop encouraged all participants to modify their lifestyle and incorporating yoga in the daily routine.

A nine member team under the guidance of DIYA Yoga coordinator Vijay Patle, Meditation Coordinator Shradda Patle , Snigdha Srivastava, Suchita Shetty, and others conducted the workshop. Vijay Patle, Hitesh Joshi ,Omprakash Bisenji and others explained & demonstrated the sequence of 16 Powerful steps of Pragya Yoga and its benefit. Latter the team guided them about correct diet and fitness regime. There after the team took session on Pranayama, Naad Yoga and Shava Asana for deep relaxation and restoration. Naad Yoga & Yoga Nidra has preventive, promotive and curative values. It prevents stress and stress-related disorders by inducing deep physical, emotional and mental relaxation, by training the mind to remain calm and quiet and by rooting out the repressed desires and thoughts from the deeper realms of the mind.

*Col Ram Murty* appreciated the workshop and expressed it would help for transformation of health, inner balance and wellbeing to all participants of unit. Respected Sangeeta Murty,(Army wives welfare association ,AWWA ) said that in our present modern lifestyle, where psychological and psychosomatic problems are on the rise, the technique of Naad Yoga & Yoga nidra will serve as a real boon for mankind.The team distributed Pragya Yoga Books & Posters,Naad Yoga Music for daily practice.

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Hey testing.....


माँ भगवती महिला मंडल जमालपुर के संयोजन में नवम नवचेतना ५ कुंडिया त्री महायज्ञ का आयोजन ंगायत्री प्रज्ञा पीठ शिशु मंदिर मुंगरौरा जमालपुर में किया गया. गाय

माँ भगवती महिला मंडल के संयोजन में नवचेतना विस्तार गायत्री महायज्ञ की श्रंखला का नवम 5 कुंडिया कुंडिया गायत्री महायज्ञ का आयोजन दिनांक 27 /08 /2023 को गायत्री प्रज्ञापीठ शिशु मंदिर मुंगरौरा स्कूल जमालपुर में सफलता पूर्वक.....


माँ भगवती महिला मंडल जमालपुर द्वारा नवचेतना विस्तार 5 कुंडिया गायत्री महायज्ञ का आयोजन रामपुर ठाकुरबाड़ी में किया गया

ज्ञ से उत्पन्न ऊर्जा के रचनात्मक नियोजन से समाज की सर्वांगीण प्रगति संभव-मनोज मिश्र/जमालपुर, मां भगवती महिला मंडल के संयोजन में नवचेतना विस्तार गामत्री महायज्ञ की श्रृंखला में आठवां पंचकुंडीय गायत्री महायज्ञ में रामपुर बस्ती के ठाकुड़वाड़ी शिवाला में.....