Welcome to Gayatri Pariwar Yugnirman - Canada Organizes With Blessings and Inspiration From Shantikunj, Haridwar. International YOG Symposium Sunday July 22nd to Thursday July 26th, 2012 Brock University, St. Catharines, ON, L2S 3A1 Participants from age 8 years to seniors are invited to participate. All the participants will be grouped as follows: Group 1 8 to 10 Years Group 2 11 to 14 Years Group 3 14 to 30 Years Group 4 Adults The parijans who have younger children can bring their children under age 5 and will be responsible for their look after. Children 5 and under can stay free and parent/s will be responsible for them. The camp fee is $245 (US/CDN). Transportation Available from GTA ($25) Venue: The Symposium is held at Brock University located in St. Catharines. It is 20 km (20 minutes) from the USA-Canada Border and the same distance from Niagara Falls and is 45 minutes from Buffalo International Airport. Participants will be in A/C rooms. The Address is Brock University, 500 Glendridge Avenue, St. Catharines, ON L2S 3A1 Canada Introduction Video Link – Turn on speakers How to Register: We would like to invite you to join us for YOG Symposium 2012. Get ready for some Spiritual & Personal Development with fun! We look forward to having you there. Note: It is important you follow these steps to ensure proper cataloguing. Please fill out the form. Once complete: Click Located on the top right hand corner and follow instructions to send by Internet Email. Please save your registration form in the following file name format Any incomplete registrations will be returned to sender. For the local GTA registrants please make cheque payable to Gayatri Pariwar Yugnirman Canada in the amount of $245.00. For U.S., Montreal, and Hamilton residents please make payments to your regional representative. Please see list of contacts. WE WILL SEND YOU COMPLETE DETAILS ONCE REGISTRATION IS COMPLETE 6 Regional Representatives:
Toronto Sharvil Desai 647-200-0067
            Sudhir Desai 905-273-9440
            Hemant Parekh 416-439-6057
 Hamilton Vartika Sharma 289-244-7770      
   Montreal Ami Patel 514-685-8414
  Sudhir Patel 514-747-6072
Chicago Harshil Patel 850- 316-5746
 Parth Mangrola 847- 373-2744
New Jersey Nrupali Patel 919-280-9576
      Parth Desai 908-380-5028
California Chaitanya Hazarey
    Maheshbhai Bhatt 714-281-3458

Long Island Mitesh Kapadia 631-741-1887              
  Pravinbhai Kapadia 631-741-1886
Texas Parag Mahalley 469 586 6568
Garima Chauhan 313-550-9121
 Ketan Doshi 313-530-3907
Pennsylvania Vipul Patel 610-871-0559
 Swati Patel 484-664-9419
Atlanta Narendra Patel 770-855-4805
 Houston & Southeast US Region
Jayant Desai 318-308-3432
Baltimore Sujal Mistry 240-277-3664

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शांतिकुंज में मनाया जायेगा गुरु गोविन्द सिंह जी महाराज का ३५० प्रकाशोसत्व

सभी सिक्ख भाई- बहिनों को भावभरा आमंत्रण

वर्ष २०१७- १८ में देशभर में सिक्ख मतावलम्बियों के दशम गुरु गुरु गोविंद सिंह जी महाराज के ३५०वें प्रकाशोत्सव के उपलक्ष्य में समारोह आयोजित हो रहे हैं। अखिल विश्व गायत्री परिवार भी २२ अगस्त.....


नव सृजन युवा संकल्प समारोह, नागपुर

नव सृजन युवा संकल्प समारोह, नागपुर दिनांक 26, 27, 28 जनवरी 2018
यौवन जीवन का वसंत है तो युवा देश का गौरव है। दुनिया का इतिहास इसी यौवन की कथा-गाथा है।  कवि ने कितना सत्य कहा है - दुनिया का इतिहास.....