In the backdrop of Samooh Sadhana this year every paarijan was busy cleaning their mind and emotions through sadhana this Navratri. Gayatri Pariwar Dahisar thought of initiating the same collectively through Gayatri yagna at Kapole International School. The yagna was conducted by Gayatri Pariwar Mahila Mandal ,Dahisar in the subtle  presence of pujya gurudev and vandniya mataji.

Accordingly a seminar on Science and Philosophy on Applied Science of Yagna was organised ON 4th April 2014 at Kapole International School Kandivali in Mumbai.Gayatri Pariwar has been working hand to glove with the school since many years now. Last year we had organsied 5 Kundiya Yagna & a seminar on Shiksha Evam Vidya.The school has also displayed yugrishis various sadvakyas throughout the campus.

 Around 150 plus teachers participated in the yagna. By means of a power point presentation in the school auditorium the participants were appraised on Gayatri Yagna. Teachers from various religions and faith participated in the yagna. All acknowledged this ancient wisdom in the light of science. They were surprised by knowing the verifiable scientific method of sublimation of matter and expansion of its colloidal state. They understood how generated  ions and energy develop positive effects in the surrounding atmosphere through the specific sonic waves of the mantras. The participants were exposed to many aspects of science & spirituality of Gayatri Yagna. They were appraised how Gayatri Yagna is an amazing process of reducing stress and increasing positive energy by breathing in sublimation vapours through breath. The seminar was followed by host of FAQs related to chanting patterns, timings ……. Asha Samani,Bhajanlalji,Janvi didi and others conducted the team.

After the seminar all of them gathered at the ground of school where 5 Kundiya Yagna was conducted. The yagna commenced with soul- enthralling bhajans and pragya-geets from Bhajanlalji.

Smt Asha Samani expressed that the mssg of Yagna is Basic, Simple and Fundamental. She said Gayatri means Sadbuddhi & Yagna is SatKarmas or Noble deeds. It is only that each one of us perceives the message from our own dimensions where the adulteration happens. We have to have a wholistic and holistic approach to yagna. The whole thrust was on developing ones own personality. She said that Yagna & Gurujis thoughts are like seeds which if planted in our consciousness can refine ones personality.

Bhajanlalji through enchanted the mantras evoking divinity in all participants. All of them chanted the Gayatri Yagna in rhythmic manner exhibiting Samooh Sadhana. Bhajanlalji further explained all the importance of Samooh Sadhana and the science how it binds collective consciousness. He requested teachers to start their day by 5 to 10 minutes of collective prayers or chanting the Gayatri Sadhana. Samooh Sadhana is extension of the Yagna Spirit. He further expressed that Yagna is about all empowering people, inspiring people towards a noble society.

The cultural ambassadors of param pujya gurudev were successful in leaving a lasting impression in the minds of all participants. They expressed how all  individuals irrespective of race, religion, language, caste, or socio-economic background come together in a Yanga to creatively solve today’s pressing issues of corruption, violence and stress.

Necessary instructions to perform  rituals in a proper fashion were imparted. As soon as the team started chanting the Gayatri mantra, atmosphere was filled with the serene feelings and air was covered with the fragrance of the ghee & herbal havan samgrihi offered in the ahuti (offering into the fire) to perform the yagya. Special Maha Mritunjay mantra ahutis were offered for the soul being of those who lost their lives in Uttrakhand disaster last year. This created  a different aura of peace in the atmosphere. All yagniks performed the yagna with great feeling and intense reverence.

Many participants took param pujya gurudevs sahitya as Prasad to be distributed among their friends,relatives,neighbours and family members.

Principal Smt Reshma Hegde herself sat in the yagna alongwith her husband.Many trustee members whole heartedly participated in the yagna.The mgt have invited Gayatri Pariwar to conduct similar program at their Nallasopara School.

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