Published on 2015-10-13

Shraddeya Drji in concluding session of International Yoga program at Vigyan Bhavan had emphasized on Ahar and Vihaar (Lifestyle). This 14th minute discourse has inspired DIYA to take multiple seminars on Jaisa Aaan waisa maan and Life Style Modification ( Vihaar).

19th Sep’15:  A weekend with Mumbaikars on a topic like ‘Lifestyle Modification’ sounds bizarre but the divine couple Shri  Prem Saraswat and Smt. Rita Saraswat made it happen at SIDBI Residential Officers at Matunga Mumbai. The couple developed awareness and resonated Yugrishis thoughts among  SIDBI officers preparing them for the seminar. Their expression of boundless joy radiates and fill all those who come in their divine aura. Engulfing SIDBI officials with Yugrishis thoughts with bliss and purity was this electrifying seminar.
Shraddeya Drjis Thoughts were refueled through an interesting ppt which was prepared by Team DIYA , DSVV Jwalant Bhavsar under the guidance of Shri Saurabh Mishra Bhaisaheb of DSVV.
DIYA Mumbai kick started this session with lighting of lamp by our own DIYA member Flight lieutenant Ashwinikumar Gawande. This patriot worked relentlessly during Uttarakhand disaster in maintaining all helicopters engaged in rescue operations and was applauded by all participants.
It is rare to be born as a human, rarer still is to attain the true essence of life. Yugrishis thoughts play a pivotal role in carrying forth the legacy of vedic wisdom.Team DIYA expounds his wisdom in lucid and practical presentations that effortlessly touch and transform hearts. Hundreds partake in the priceless experience and gain impetus for a higher purpose of life and leading them to higher goals of peace and purity.
DIYA Swapnil Sahanu (RBI) gave interesting facts to introduce the topic’ Lifestyle Modification’ and its relevance in current times. An interesting icebreaker of each participant sharing adjective that suits him/her best bought the fun element and smiles. Right from physical health to mental health, food to sleep the required modifications needed were shared through interesting audio-visuals. He expressed that Purity is uplifting and wisdom & knowledge is enlightening.
Team DIYA inspired the senior participants to inculcate healthy practices in their life. How small small modifications can have huge impact. Atma Bodh ( setting the day ) and Tatva Bodh as an introspect tools were well received by the participants. The Yama and Niyama expressed were discussed which forms the foundation to live a discipline life.They were awestricken at the effortlessness and perfection with which team DIYA articulated and expressed sutras in the right perception. Many expressed that they spent a lifetime of wonderful moments on a weekend with Team DIYA.
Solutions to put everything in order were discussed. An interactive mode throughout the session was something that engaged them and was an eye-opener for many. The seminar was successful in culminating a divine bond initiating SIDBI Pariwar. The euphoria manifested is likely to bring up lot of synergies in days to come between DIYA Mumbai and SIDBI.
Participants included Chairman and MD SIDBI – IAS Dr. Dr Kshatrapati Shivaji alongwith his wife Poonam Kshatrapati, Chief General Manager, V.J.Lalwani and many senior General Managers. This initiative was successful due to efforts by Mr. Prem Saraswatji and Mrs. Rita Saraswatji.
DIYA Suchita  Shetty expressed we all should stand up for woman’s welfare and protection.It is very painful to see how women are suffering in our country where she was given a prime place. Shri  Prem Bhaisaheb expressed that more then 150 officers are expected to join the forthcoming seminar on Women Empowerment  by Shraddeya Drji on 9th Jan 2016.
Mrs. Chitra Alai, Secretary -Staff Welfare Association-SIDBI thanked DIYA Mumbai team and look forward for some more learning sessions.
‘I now realize that technology has transformed lives and made us materialistic’.
-Dr.Chhatrapati Shivaji,IAS Maharashtra Cadre.
‘Lets all decide – No cellphones during food time’
-Ms.Chita Alai,Secretary Secretary -Staff Welfare Association-SIDBI

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