‘Mein Vyakti Nahi Vichaar Hoon’ this sentence of Yugrishi is deeply engraved in the Panchal Family.

The family is a role model to hundreds of GP Paarijasn in Mumbai.A family in which spiritual growth is every ones top priority. Sadhana and seva comes first presiding all priorities of mumbai’s hectic life.They perform all responsibilities assigned to them with utmost passion.
Gyan Library

Haritbhai from almost past one decade has been actively propagating Yugrishis literature in Parks, temples and various public places. In recent past he has started a weekly library outside Ganpati temple,Vasai putting up stall every Sunday. Around 150 members have registered who swap Yugrishis book every week.The flame of Gyan Mashal is radiating across Vasai and peripheral areas.
Commemorating Yug Sahitya Vistaar Varsha and follow up of Vichaar Kranti seminar GP Vasai and Dahisar gifted the complete set of 70 Vangmayas of Param Pujya Gurudev to VASAI NAGARPALIKA LIBRARY on 4th Jan 2015.This is a well established library at Ambadi Road, Vasai west, with two storied building,28000 books on various subject and close to 3000 registered members.

Hon Mayor Shri Narayan Mankarji, of Vasai Virar Nagar Palika,Dist Palghar  graced the occasion. Mayor was spellbound on seeing Gurujis book. He said propagating  Yugrishis thoughts will act as a catalyst for elevation of masses by large.
Local corporator Shri Raju Kambli also graced the occasion.  He was the key instrumental person for getting permission for Vangmaya Stapan.He himself has been reading Yugrishis book from past few months and is deeply influenced by same.According to Shri Raju Kambli Yugrishis thoughts are so powerful source that it can inundate millions of lives with peace, purity and boundless enthusiasm to bring about a revolution within.
Smt Veronica Rodriquez librarian of Vasai NagarPalika Library was overwhelmed with inclusion of  Vangmayas of Param Pujya Gurudev.
This are heart touching moments for all of us. This rich texts will revive the commitments of visitors to library to self transformation….. Smt Veronica Rodriquez
They were  felicitated and briefed about our mission by Gayatri Paarijans Shri Haritbhai Panchal, Maltiben Panchal,Ankur Panchal along with Paarijans of GP Vasai and GP Dahisar,Smt Jayalakshmi Shetty ,Meenuben Sharma, Beenaben Shah were instrumental for this achievement.
It is an expression of our devotion to Yugrishsi said the team. The team appraised Mayor about the novel concept of Shriram Smriti Upavan.He assured his cooperation on same.
The team also informed about various seminars and workshops which could be collaboratively held at the library for members of library and students.DIYA plans to arrange a series of seminars on Thought revolution, Life Management and other topics.
Gayatri Parivar Mumbai plans to replicating  Gurujis books and Vangmayas further in other parts of city this year.

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