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Team DIYA Mumbai is an evolving, moving, learning and growing team. If somebody comes after a year and observe the team it won’t be the same as last year. The uniqueness in the team is the Atmiyata, Apnatva and selflessness towards the mission. It is the people of the team which makes it what it is today. A dedicated, devotional, innovative, creative Skill pool is created by blessings of guruji. Skill Appreciation, Skill Development, Capacity & Capabilities Development being the mantra behind the whole team.

29th March’15, a day which left deep impressions on the psyche of Second Year MMS Sem IV students of SGPC’S GNIMS Business School, Mumbai s was a social initiative fighting Addiction from India. A De-Addiction Rally was organized by second year MMS students in association with DIYA Mumbai. As a preparatory meet a session was arranged prior to the rally on 21st March for GNIMS students to sensitize them for De addiction conducted by Dr.Varun Manek from DIYA Mumbai which made them come together for the cause.

Shivaji Park is at the heart of city and is a paradise for morning walkers. Hundreds of youths practice cricket morning and evening. Many great cricketing legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar, Ajit Wadekar, Suhas Gupte, Vijay Manjrekar others coached on this ground. On Sunday you have to struggle to find an inch on this ground. Historic as the late Shri Bal Thackeray was  cremated here.He use to organize his Dassera Rallies here. Dr. Ambedkar Mahaparinirvan Diwas every year is celebrated on 6th December on this ground. In short it is a ground of action.

Students raised slogans and made a great start from Shivaji Park at 07:00 a.m and marched GNIMS Business School campus in Matunga. Onlookers on the way which included hawkers, joggers at Shivaji Park and Matunga appreciated the efforts of students to bring this burning issue amongst Mumbaikars and applauded them. Lord Yama, the God of Death at the front with a symbolic corpse carried by students attracted onlookers at streets which made children come closer with a sweet smile, curious pedestrians came closer to know the cause.

By 07:30 a.m a skit depicting how peer pressure gets youth in the dreadful world of Addiction was shown which got one ex-addict  Mr. Girish to come and share his story with the students. An addict himself 16 years ago, was almost on his deathbed but determination, coupled with help from loved ones and Alcoholic Anonymous.

Aakashdeep accompanied by DIYA Gaurav and Mahendra a theatre professional from DIYA Mumbai in the role of Yamraj attracted onlookers through his acting and motivated students too. Students in white shouting Sharaab chodo Jindagi se Nata Jodo…..Life is beautiful. Students approaching watchmen, dwellers and requesting them to quit smoking, tobacco and depicting through skits at gardens, streets. The slogans redirected the inner compass of participants and passer byes towards self empowerment to overcome addictions of any sort. A soulful performance of the skit was performed on the way back  on streets and once more  at the popular five gardens in Matunga.

One could find students speaking strongly against Addiction. Finally the rally concluded at Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies and assembled at the Seminar Hall for the concluding remarks.

A skit performed by Yohann Misquitta, Second Year MMS student performed a skit along with his Team.This actually got everyone into tears where two true stories were enacted. One showcased how Late legendary Indian Ghazal singer Jagjit Singh’s only son Vivek was crushed to death in a road accident driven by an addict.

The second story about Yohann, a student at GNIMS Business School who is alive by God’s grace shared how he too faced a near death experience when he was hit by a drunk truck driver. He also spoke about the importance of Blood Donation and thanked his Mom who taught him to donate blood regularly and recollected when he was in hospital he also required bottles of blood.

Volunteer of DIYA Mumbai shared how students could initiate a youth movement and continue working together for social initiatives. He also appreciated the existing initiatives like Project Samvedna which is done regularly by GNIMS students in the past(Visit to Leprosy Homes and Oldage Homes). A special mention about an ideal youth which DIYA envisions was shared with students. To conclude, a pledge was taken by 100 plus student to fight against addiction and first to start with self.

100 Nos of ‘ Loose not your Heart’ book was given to all students. Students after the rally were excited and shared that they were glad to be a part of such initiative and look forward to be a part of such initiatives taken by DIYA Mumbai.


Getting approvals in Mumbai now a days for a rally is herculean task. Mr.Hanuman Mandlik from Mumbai Police helped a lot with approvals and DIYA Mumbai had full support from them during the De-Addiction Rally. From DIYA Mumbai, Dinesh Vijayvargiyaji ji,DIYA Mahendra Patel, DIYA Sameer Maheshwari, DIYA Dr Varun Manek, Dr Kavita, DIYA Shraddha Sahu, DIYA Varidhi Yadav, DIYA Hitesh Joshi,DIYA Rajesh Shetty, DIYA Nilesh and many were instrumental in making this event a great success. DIYA Rajesh Shetty and DIYA Abhishek Satam helped us to capture the moments with Photography. Mrs.Esha Sarbadhikari also supported the endeavor of DIYA Mumbai. Students from GNIMS Teffi,Aakash,Darshan Hazare,Neil,Kali,Bhupesh,Naresh,Rashi were the pillars for this initiatives to be a successful event.



It was real Yagna in action. Every individual contributed time, money, talent, resources, influence for this initiative. But things would have been a difficult migration without DIYA Suchita Shetty. Her earnest devotion to Yugrishi was single handedly instrumental in bringing the students fraternity on this hallowed path. She completed one more spiritual journey in form of this event.Every step she takes as an initiative she merges herself in the divine consciousness of Yugrishi.It is her ceaseless endeavors to spread Yugrishis message among the youths that led team DIYA to GNIMS campus. She intersperse her students with Bhakti melting their hearts on the righteous path.

In her own words Suchita says Seva is not just completing

 ‘Thank you Mam for giving us this great opportunity to be a part of this Initiative.Please call me for other social initiatives of DIYA Mumbai. I will be there to support.

-          Ms.Jasmine Kaur,Second Year MM Student –GNIMS Business School.

Each one of us is essentially free. But do we truly access this freedom ?? But attending todays rally I got the power of discrimination to choose what is good for me……Farhan.

Next Team DIYA plans to organize Vichaar Kranti Yagna at Mulund on the auspicious day of Hanuman Jayanti.For many it may be an event but for us it is  a journey

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