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Gayatri Pariwar Anushaktinagar has been conducting Bal Sanskar Shalas form past many years. Many paarijans like Shri Dilip Dalal,Shri K L Modiji, Smt Rekha Kaul , Smt Kansal Didi, Shri Parshuram Yadavji,Shri M P Sharmaji, Aparna Sharmaji are instrumental for this inspiring shala which imparts values among the youth students. One of the most popular book Jeevan Jine ki Kala is the product of the same book.

Vidya Arambh Sanskar started as a follow up activity of  Shiksha Evam Vidya seminar conducted  by Dr. Chinmay Pandyaji in 2012 .Since then every year DIYA Mumbai has been organising Vidya Arambh Sanskar every year in April.

Anushakti Nagar is the residential township of the Bhabha Atomic Research Center in North-east Mumbai. It is one of the largest township (by population) housing employees of a single organization in the World.  Akash Ratna is one popular towers for residence in Anushaktinagar.

‘Sanskaras’ mould (one) into an unparallel human being is the thought of young captain of DIYA BARC chapter, Hitesh Joshi.

On 12th April Vidya Aaram Sanskar for children to begin schooling was organized. Around 50 children’s with their parents participated in this program. Participants were sensitized on the science and significance of Vidya Aaram Sanskar by Shri AN Vermaji Associate Director Heavy Water Board.

They were guided  how to prepare for Holistic development of child. Imparting Shiksha will give him livelihood but imbibing sanskaras will make him a good human being. These eyes through which one looks outwardly can only reflect what is outside. But they cannot see within. To see within you need to evoke the inner insight (Third eye).The eye of viveka or discrimination. If you cannot see yourself from within you are inner blind just as if you do not have physical eye you are outside blind. One who cannot see himself what else can he see ?? Without the third eye ,whatsoever one sees, whatsoever knowledge one may possess, it remains based on deep blindness.

Unless one becomes self seeing ,unless one turn within, unless one have a look at the reality what they are, whatsoever one encounter  in the world outside is going to be just appearance. If one is not acquainted with one’s owns self all knowledge is false. One can go on knowing and knowing one accumulating more and more information but all this information will remain dead , borrowed  unless vidya is initiated .Hence Vidya Arambh Sanskar is a very important sanskar.

All participants were told make your child a good scientist, engineer, writer, philosopher anything but do not forget him to make him a good human being. Sanskaras usher virtues and values which strengthens the bonds of love and affection amongst us.

The yagna commenced with soul- enthralling bhajans and pragya-geets by young Nishta Joshi (daughter of DIYA Hitesh & Bhavana Joshi) . Performing the Karmakandas of Gayatri Yagna Shri A N Verma  in his simple lucid language  drew the attention of parents to the life and teachings of Param Pujya Gurudev. Participants dived into the mesmerizing vedic chants, soulful bhajans .

Shri S K Kaul &  Sikarvarji ,Smt Aparna Sharma, Shri Parshuram Yadav and whole team  appreciated the efforts and proclaimed that this initiative will go a long way to harness the seeds of divinity among the children, the future of India.

Sitting  before goddess Saraswati sitting on laps of their parents, parents guided one finger of the child and provide the skila recite and direct the child's finger to write on rice in filled in a plate, few on slates. and few on books. Parents were overwhelmed with joy and enthusiasm by the process.

Parents pledged resolution for the complete development of their child by Vivek, Vidya & Samvedna alongwith Shiksha.

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