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DIYA Mumbai celebrated the International Yog Day on June 21, 2015 along with the country and whole of the world in its own unique way. Though initially planned for only a couple of locations, the day was celebrated at nine different venues with divine grace. More than the numbers, the events became a medium to share the belongingness and concern for humanity, which AWGP and DIYA share for the humanity. The events touched the sections across engineers, economists, doctors, ranks of Navy and the young minds of students alike. 

Day One: 18th June 2015, Thursday 

1.Venue: Government Dental College & Hospital - Mumbai
A session was arranged by DIYA Dr.Varun Manek for the Post graduate students and practicing doctors of the hospital on “Yoga for all”. DIYA Ruchita Bharad (ex-DSVV student) facilitated the session. She demonstrated the techniques of Ushapaan, the right breathing techniques and the various forms of Pranayam. The awareness seminar dealt with the aspects of yogic practices, their practical implementation and the rationale behind each.  Post session, one could see young doctors beaming with curiosity and eagerness for further insights into the topic. 

2.Venue: Reserve Bank of India, Central Office -Mumbai
An awareness seminar on ‘Yoga for Holistic Health” was arranged by DIYA Swapnil Shanu for senior officials of the Bank including staff across the grades. Dr. Varun Manek stressed on the aspects of lifestyle management. The yogic lifestyle was urged to be incorporated in our daily lives with the day starting through Atmabodh, Ushapaan, Pragyayog, Pranayam, Meditation, Manan, Swadhyay and ending with Tatvabodh. A short video about the sixteen asanas of Pragyayog was also played during the presentation. DIYA Ruchita demonstrated some simple asanas and participants followed the suit. Further, the right techniques of pranayam were also demonstrated. The scientific basis of AUM chanting was explained and the auditorium reverberated with collective chanting. The session ended with laughter therapy conducted by Diya Ruchita. Smt. Madhavi Sharma - Chief General Manager, RBI thanked the DIYA Mumbai Team for holding the talk. The session was a great experience for DIYA Mumbai also as the response from the bank officials was extremely positive and it was expected rightly so, as RBI as an institution has ethics ingrained in its functioning and likewise their employees were equally receptive to all the positive thoughts that swayed in the 25th Floor Auditorium.

Day Two: 21st June’15 – International Day of Yoga 

1) Reserve Bank Staff Quarters - Mumbai Central 
Post the awareness session, two Pragya Yog workshops were held on June 21, 2015 at Mumbai Central and Prabhadevi Officers Quarters in association with respective Tenant Welfare Organisations of RBI. The Mumbai Central session was conducted by DIYA Varun, Dr. Vilas, DIYA Sunil Chaudhary and team. The program began at 7:30 AM with 70 residents of the colony including the family of RBI officials participating in the session. The module as prescribed by the Government of India was practised along with the asanas of Pragya Yog. Great demand for Literature in English and Hindi on Pragya Yog was seen and consistent yoga sessions in the colony were requested by the participants. An hour long yoga session has been planned at the colony every Sunday where DIYA members will impart the yoga lessons to the residents.

2) Reserve Bank Senior RBI Officer Quarters - Prabhadevi
The session began at 7:00 a.m and continued till 9:00 a.m. It was conducted under the guidance of Shri Prem Saraswat along with the practical demonstrations by Shri Somdutt Tiwari (DSVV alumni). Around 40 officers along with family members performed yogasanas with full enthusiasm. The concept of yoga as union between self and cosmos was explained by Shri Saraswat. Further, Pragya Yog with prescribed breathing exercises like Naadishodhan Pranayam and Pranakarshan Pranayaam were demonstrated. An interactive session followed with all the queries handled efficiently by the DIYA team. The session ended with the distribution of literature on Pragy Yog in Hindi and English. One could feel the increased energy levels in the audience as they resolved to practice the exercises on a regular basis. A request for a workshop of 5-7 days was put forth to DIYA Mumbai team. 

3) Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Residential Colony
Yoga has been a buzz word with residents at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Residential Colony since they started a Pragya Yog circle two months back. A small start and this team conducted ‘International Yog Day” celebrations demonstrating Pragya Yog for 100 residents which had participation across all age groups.
Something that was astounding was the firm commitment of all participants who continued with complete focus in the Yog session at Udaigiri Open hall even when heavy showers lashed outside. The session started with warmup exercises, asanas, pranayaam and meditation. The session was conducted by DIYA Jateen in co-ordintation with DIYA Hitesh Joshi, DIYA Bhavna Joshi, Mr. and Mrs. Kaul, DIYA Vijay Patle, DIYA Shraddha Patle, DIYA Mahendra and others. Literature on healthy lifestyle was displayed and got great response from the participants. Tree plantation was also done at the end.
4) Venue: Government Dental College & Hospital - Mumbai
Two batches of Yog sessions were conducted for doctors at Government Dental College & Hospital – Mumbai.  After the health talk held on June 18, the participants were more aware and appreciative of the importance of the yog asanas being demonstrated. DIYA Varun, Prem Saraswatji, DIYA Somdutt Tiwari, DIYA Sunil Chaudhary and DIYA Nivedita organized and conducted the session.  The Government of India Yog Protocol was followed by Pragya Yog, meditation and pranyaam demonstration. The meditation session made the participants realize the inner connection which yog is able to achieve with the self. 
5) Venue: Navy Nagar, Uran
DIYA Ankit arranged ‘International Day of Yog’ in association with Diya Mumbai among the Navy personnel. DIYA Jateen took the young navy representatives go through the journey of self discovery. It was an enriching realization for them to delve deep down their personality. Physical fitness is being taken care by their regular regime but mental health is what Diya Mumbai brought beautifully in the form of a presentation. Warm ups with pragya yog coupled with breathing exercises were practiced along. The personnel performed these exercises with perfection. Special asanas for back aches were shared considering their grueling work demand that has a toll on their backs.
Diya Mumbai Team was welcomed with warm hospitality and the senior representative gifted them a token of appreciation. DIYA Mumbal volunteers Dineshji, DIYA Bhavna and DIYA Hitesh made the event a great success. More such modules have been requested for general well being of Indian Navy personnel and their families.
6) Venue: R.C.T’s P.M.M.Rotary School and Junior College,Ambernath,Thane (Dist)
Early Morning showers on 21st June’15 at Ambernath didn’t deter Std.VII students from R.C.T’s P.M.M.Rotary School and Junior College to celebrate International Yog Day with Diya Mumbai. It was the first programme by DIYA Mumbai at Pratapsingh Morarji Memorial  Rotary School which is among the best schools in Ambernath and among the tops schools in Thane District. Proceedings began with prayer song and meditation which set the mood. DIYA Apoorva conducted the warm up exercises and DIYA Chinmay gave the demonstrations for the same. DIYA Anupriya got all students to perform Pragya Yog explaining all the asanas to them. It was a sweet wonder to see them struggling to do the asanas. Diya volunteers Wadodeji, Vishal and school teachers motivated and assisted the students to perform the 16 steps Pragya Yog.
DIYA Ashutosh conducted the breathing exercises which students enjoyed to the core and also shared some tips for their studies. A huge hit amongst students was ‘Shavasan’ which helped students relax mentally. Simple vows for personal physical well being, mental health and society were suggested by him. DIYA Vishal got Tulsi saplings for all 83 students and school staff Diya Rajesh captured these sweet moments through his lens.On behalf of Diya Mumbai, Pragya Yog books in English and Hindi were gifted to Teachers, support staff and students. Vincent Teacher proposed the Vote of Thanks and applauded Diya Mumbai for their selfless contribution to society by teaching yog to future generations. Mr. Govindbhai Katari Head –Ambernath Gayatri Pariwar thanked the school Management to conduct International Yog day in their premises.

Testimonial :
If Yoga is brought in our school curriculum it will bring a morale boost, givev strength to individuals.          –Mrs.Neeta Dewoolkar,Principal
It was a great feeling briefing Yoga  to young Diyas, we are contributing to the country in our own small way. -  Somdutt Tiwari(Diya Mumbai)
The whole world came together today to celebrate the 1st International Yoga Day, a great living heritage of Indian civilization so did Diya Mumbai under the able guidance of Revered Dr.Pranav Pandyaji and directives from Shantikunj, AWGP).One observation which every volunteer felt was the showering of Master’s grace which made the events possible.

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