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In the current times, when objectification of the fairer sex is rampant and the resultant wave of west inspired feminism is also unable to appropriately engage with the challenges, the objective of the seminar was to discuss this from an oriental but nonetheless pragmatic perspective. This seminar also sought to sensitise the women of their inherent strengths and capabilities, bring about awareness around empowerment of women and also to change the mindset of both men and women with regards to women’s role and her contribution to the society. It was also decided to felicitate five distinguished women achievers at the event.

On the day of event at Yogi Sabha Gruha

The seminar was successfully held on 9th January 2016 The venue for the seminar was beaming with a different radiance as it always does. The’Yogi Sabhgraha, Dadar (East) (Swaminarayan Temple campus) and the event kickstarted with the lighting of lamp by Revered Drji, Mumbai Unit Head -Adarniya Manubhai Patel and Shardaben Patel and the five women guests.

Shraddheya Dr.Pranav Pandya, in his key note address urged the audience to be sensitive towards woman and treat them with equality, highlighted the need for people from all walks of life to come together and contribute towards this movement. He inspired the women to educate themselves and be self reliant, and emphasised the role of men in encouraging and empowering the women. He reiterated that a holistic thought revolution was required to bring about these changes. He also humorously asked the audience to visualize that if these atrocities towards woman continues, the woman might take the form of ‘Ma Durga’ to slay the oppressors with her ‘Trishul’ like she killed the demon ‘Mahishasur’

Shraddeya edifying discourse served as a rich feast for seekers minds and hearts infusing their lives with a higher purpose.

An audio visual documentary, highlighting the great work done by the distinguished women achievers was shown followed by their felicitation:

·         Usha Rajagopalan for her contribution to ‘Environment’

·         Jayshree Vyas for her contribution to promote ‘Inclusive finance for Rural Women’

·         Mittal Patel for her contribution in transforming lives of ‘Nomadic tribes of Gujarat’

·         Rajani Paranjpe for her contribution to ‘Child Education’

·         Triveni Acharya for her contribution towards ‘Anti Trafficking –Women and Children’

There was also a panel discussion moderated by Dr Vivek Vijay where the distinguished guests shared their experiences and the challenges that they faced while managing the work that they were doing. Their talks were very informative and inspiring.  The additional facet that we learnt from these women with the personal examples they shared were –

1.         The calm, composed and non-reactive behaviour of Mrs. Usha Rajgopalan

2.         Kashyapi Mehta (representative from SEWA) spoke about how ‘Seva’ could have any form, ‘Seva’ is not only financial help. What is important is the ‘Seva Bhavana’

3.         Mittal Patel expressed how the purpose of life can be discovered in just one incidence and how it can co-create possibilities around us

4.         Bhavana Kulkarni’s (representative from Door Step School) example was clear message of determination, persistent and compassion towards the mission

5.         Seema Adate’s (representative from Rescue Foundation) example about one of the survivors court case showed how one should not give up but be observant alert and do everything possible and overcome the unforeseen challenges.

The evening saw participants sway in joy and elevation as DSVV students team along with Shantikunj Music team and others moved them through soulful bhakti Pragya Bhajans & Welcome Dance. A rejuvenating yoga session emphasised body- mind awareness and unity. The spirits soared as all the participants stood on their feet’s for the magnificent symphony of Rhythmic Yoga by DSVV Students.

An energetic performance was attempted by 22 new youths was performed in form of Drama Moti Chun Le Hansa. The day ended by a theme dance performed by DSVV team.

The event was a grand success with the distinguished guests as well as the audience appreciating the program and the way it was seamlessly managed. Moreover, a lot of youth and corporates were inspired and motivated by the achievements of the distinguished women achievers and voiced their desire to join or contribute to their movement. Participants experienced a deep yearning for divine connection and inner transformation through all those present at Yogi Sabah Gruha.

The core team of DIYA Mumbai geared up and the following months saw volunteers in different corners of Mumbai spreading the invitees of Women Empowerment Seminar. In short it was a congregation of like-minded people which didn’t include who’s who of Mumbai but surely those who wish to give back to the country. A team of Doctors from premier hospitals like Tata Memorial Hospital, Nair Hospital, Professors, Students of GNIMS Business School, Lawyers, Senior scientists from Bhabhi Atomic Research Centre, Nuclear Power Corporation (i) Ltd, HEAVY Water Board, Tatat Institute of Social Science and others

Four fold Guiding Principles of Women Empowerment for DIYA are

·                Sensitizing women on their feminine qualities & inspiring them to stand up for themselves.

·               A Woman helping other woman.

·              Involving men and changing their perspective towards women empowerment.

·         Preparing a conducive environment for women        empowerment at societal level.

Seven Major Objectives for women empowerment.

·         SAMTA (Equality) +

·         SHIKSHA (Education) +

·         SWASTHA (Health) +

·         SWAWLAMBAN (Self reliance) +

·         SAMVEDNA (Sensitivity) +

·         SURAKSHA (Security) +

·         SAMSKARAS (Refinement of impressions).


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नेपाल प्रांत की बहिनों का पांच दिवसीय नारी जागरण शिविर का समापन

मातृ शक्ति के जागरण से ही विकास संभव -  शैलदीदीकुरीति उन्मूलन के लिए आगे आयें बहिने -  यशोदा शर्माहरिद्वार २० नवंबर।अखिल विश्व गायत्री परिवार द्वारा नारी सशक्तिकरण के लिए किये जा रहे शृंखलाबद्ध कार्यक्रम के अंतर्गत नेपाल की बहिनों.....


नेपाल प्रांत की बहिनों का पांच दिवसीय नारी जागरण शिविर का समापन

मातृ शक्ति के जागरण से ही विकास संभव -  शैलदीदीकुरीति उन्मूलन के लिए आगे आयें बहिने -  यशोदा शर्माहरिद्वार २० नवंबर।अखिल विश्व गायत्री परिवार द्वारा नारी सशक्तिकरण के लिए किये जा रहे शृंखलाबद्ध कार्यक्रम के अंतर्गत नेपाल की बहिनों.....


खण्डवा जिले के गाँव- गाँव में आयोजित हो रहे हैं नारी जागरण सम्मेलन

खरगोन। मध्य प्रदेश मातृशक्ति श्रद्धांजलि महापुरश्चरण के अंतर्गत खरगोन जिलेकी युग निर्माणी देवियों ने गाँव- गाँव कन्या कौशल शिविरों की शृंखला आरंभ की है। देव ग्राम गाँवसन में आयोजित शिविर इस शृंखला का १० वाँ शिविर था। इससे पूर्व भोइंदा, मगरखेड़ी,.....