Published on 2017-12-27

Healthy soul lives in healthy body and healthy mind: - The main objective behind this Rally is to create public awareness about health hazards (harmful effects on body as well as on mind)of various forms of addictions and to forward one step ahead to form addiction free society….”Global Awakening of WISDOM is only the Ashwamedha"  मेधा को जगाये वह  है - अश्वमेध 


After getting The Green Signal from Sr. Inspecto ( HAL) at Marathahalli, Bharat Mata (a small girl in costume of Bharat Mata) at Sanjay Nagar and from Ad. M.L.A.ji at Sadashiv Nagar, in Bangalore the journey begins........

It was the grand scene to watch that first two days 200+ and 3rd day  400+ parijans walking in pairs with discipline, with posters, flagsbanners etc.  Of course! it is the devine energy given by our Parampujjya Gurudev, with which every parijan is bundled with.
  The Entire Rally was organised for the Noble Cause of making the society free from addictions, bad customs and for "Nari Sashaktikaran".  Each day, The Rally was based on has multiple themes.
Themes followed by the participants of the Rally:
Day-1, 26/06/13 , Marathahalli ,Nasha-Mukti Theme                   
1) Educating people about health hazards of all types of addictions as well as ill effects of them on the society.
2) Encouraging people for giving off all types of drugs, cigarate, Guthaka, Tambakhu and alcohol etc.completely from one's own life.
Day-2, 29/06/13, Sanjay Nagar , Nasha-Mukti and  Kannya Bhruna Hatyaa Theme
1) Including themes of Day-1
2) Educating the society about equality and worthiness of both girls and boys.
3) And so discouraging "Kannya Bhrun Hattya" because it is not only a crime but also a sin.
Day-2, 29/06/13, Sanjay Nagar , Nasha-Mukti , Kannya Bhruna Hatyaa, Dowary ,Nari-Jagran Theme
1) Including themes of Day-1 and Day-2
2) TheConcept of "Nari-Jagaran was more elaborated which included motivating the society to stop following bad customs like giving and taking 'Dowery' (Dahej)  finally which gives rise to exploitation of a woman.
Highlights of the Event:

a) Realising and experiencing essence of Sangh-Shakti/whole team spirit by parijans as a one family who comes together for mega planning and mega preparation of "Gayatri Ashwamedha Mahayagya"  They have really made this statement true, "Strong Teams can formed by active support of strong Parijans.

b) Who is Youth?  ..... A person of.young mind, young, modern, noble thoughts.   The rally mainly consists of all youths aging from 7years.........70 years old.
 c) Children! We proud of you!   Even children in costumes of patriotic people's costume e.g. Swami Vivekanand, Mahatma Gandhi, Anna Hazare Bharat Mata, Suryya Bhagawan etc. joined the Rally. They went every shop and encourage the public to give off their Nasha(Addiction) completely in the form of donation of their addictions, bad habbits.   It worked! and many people gave them such donations.
d)Nothing can stop strongly motivated person!  Inradev (Rain) also came to test the patience and firmness of all parijans on the 1st day of the Rally, but Yug -Sainik haven't obstructed by this Act of Nature.   They accepted this challenge and kept on moving.

Strong Points/Special Attractions :-  
b) Mobile Exhibition against all kinds of Addiction
c) Mobile exhibition against induced abortion of a baby girl
d) Poster Exhibitions on Vyasan-Mukti, Nari-Jagaran.
g) Funeral procession of all kinds of Nasha.
h) Patriotic team of kids to encourage public to give off addiction.
I) street Skit
j) Musical presentation.
Memorable Moments in the event:-
a) Many of the parijans participated in the Rally got live and applying acknowledgements from the people in the road like "God Will Bless you!" ..........".Bhagwan Tumhara Bhalakarega"
b) Getting influenced and encouraged by the rally, many of them have given off their Nasha like cigarate, bidi  etc. in donation boxes which were carried by Patriotic Team.

  This was very unique,thoughtful and even practically applicable event.  We all have observed, the whole Bangalore become Gayatri-May, Ashwamedha-May ......and words came true "Global Awakening of WISDOM is  only the "ASHWAMEDHA" मेधा को जगाये वह  है - अश्वमेध"

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