Till Tuesday, July 2nd 11 contingents have been sent to various affected areas in this region. They are taking relief material like clothes, utensils, food.

Another contingent of 8  has been sent to Manusyari under leadership of Kamata Prasad Sahu. The youth volunteers in this group have several years of experience.  According to Shri Sharma ji, till now Shantikunj has sent 20 trucks of food, 3000 kits of grocery, one truck load of tents for the victims. One thousand volunteers from Shantikunj and Dev SanskritiVishwaVidhyalaya are helping on this project.

In order to provide comfort to the victims of Uttarakhand catastrophe and help them in this difficult time, in a working committee meeting, a decision was taken by members of Gayatri parivar to start relief and restoration work in several villages in 9 districts of Uttarakhand. The funds collected by the organization from Gayatri Jayanti till Guru purnima will be used for this service project.

Millions of members of All World Gayatri Parivaar are in anguish seeing the misery and sufferings of the affected people of Uttarakhand. Not only did they quickly assess the situation and devoted themselves from June 17th itself for relief work, but also 5000 volunteers from Shantikunj have opened their hearts to help the affected people. From then till now,Shantikunj has made an effort to make all necessities available to local residents in this disaster hit area. Some of these are toiletries, clothes, housing, food, medicines at no charge.

 A team of experienced professional will be sent by Shantikunj for a detailed survey of following flood-hit districts of Uttarakhand – Chamoli, Rudraprayag, Tihari, Uttarkaashi, Almoda, Pithoragadh, Baageshwar, Haridwar and Deharadoon.

According to Dr. Pranav Pandya ji, Head of All World Gayatri Parviar, Shantikunj will work for complete rehabilitation and development of worst affected villages in a very planned way. Based on the report of the survey, keeping in mind the needs of the local residents, assistance will be provided for construction of homes, providing food, clothing, medicines, etc. Shantikunj will also help in reconstruction of community halls, school and homes of needy people.

Special care will be provided to the children of the impacted locals. The funds deposited by the kids of Shantikunj for Disaster Relief work will be used for this purpose. The students of Dev SanskritiVishwaVidhyalaya has also contributed generously for this cause. The fund collected by students will be used for education of the kids who are devastated by this natural calamity.

Special jap and yagna anushthan being performed for the good health and welfare of the people whose lives have been shattered by this tragedy.

Under the guidance of Shail didi, people associated with Shantikunj are performing special jaap and anushtan for affected people in Uttarakhand for their good health ,  to help relieve their pain and agony and provide them the strength to confront the situation. This anushthan will be for 40 days. Parijans who are participating in this anusthan will keep their means for one time for the flood victims.

For people who lost their lives in this fatal calamity, Shantikunj is organizing daily prayers and chantings in its 27 kundyagnashala for the peace of their soul in accordance with Vedic traditions.

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उत्तराखंड राहत कार्यों में हुए शहीदों को दी श्रद्धांजलि, परिवारी जनों को सहयोग - २० शहीदों के परिवारों को दिया गया २-२ लाख रुपये का अनुदान

सरदार पटेल की कर्मभूमि-बारडोली में हुतात्माओं का सम्मान२० शहीदों के परिवारों को दिया गया २-२ लाख रुपये का अनुदानहमारा समाज उन जाँबाज नौजवानों का सदा ऋणी रहेगा, जो अपने देश और देशवासियों की भलाई के लिए अपना सर्वोच्च त्याग-बलिदान करने.....


शांतिकुंज ने भेजा छठवाँ पुनर्वास राहत दल, तीन वाहन में 17 मकान बनाने हेतु सामग्री लेकर गया दल !

16-17 जून को केदारनाथ क्षेत्र में आई विनाशकारी आपदा में बेघर हुए चयनित लोगों को आवास मुहैया कराने में शांतिकुंज जुटा हुआ है। इसी कड़ी में शांतिकुंज से तीन वाहन में मकान बनाने के लिए लोहे एंगल, दरवाजे, खिड़की आदि.....