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आइये हम स्वयं करें अपने स्वर्ग की सृष्टि

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bandu meshram
2014-03-07 17:06:53
very very best.
2014-01-05 07:30:39
Very best
2014-01-02 17:29:03
swarg aur nark hum apne jivan me her pal jite hia,
teju rajput
2013-12-31 05:45:25
Yha padkar I bhut khus huaa or asa padne ki echaa hoti h
Akarsh V Nair
2013-12-26 16:06:30
Thank you very much for this article. I too had the doubt -how can mukti be the final goal, when even God are eager to be born in human form. This article makes it very clear that one must get mukti from ego and other sins so that one can have heaven on earth as param pujya Gurudev has dreamt for. This article cleared my doubt. As said -when thestudent needs teacher appears. Thank you so much. I feel blessed again.
2013-12-25 22:56:49
Jai ram
Dhirendra Misra
2013-12-25 21:12:19
स्वर्ग और मुक्ति आध्यात्म जगत के दो बड़े पुण्यफल माने जाते हैं।वस्तुतः बन्धनों से छूटना ही जीवन मुक्ति है
Hemant Parekh
2013-12-23 07:54:12
Very nice article and imprtant to join to make the Sadhana Varsh a grand success to help P P Gurudev bring about heavan on earth and destroy all the negative thinking forces prevailing on and around us.
2013-12-22 13:56:40