In order to carry on Yugdharma (the righteous duties of our times), there is a challenge of transforming the present Era. Whatever resources are required for this purpose have been collected by Akhand Jyoti so far; and it will continue doing so even if the direct guidance of a particular person involved so far is no more available.

- Param  Poojya Gurudev

Jyoti jagran avam yugdharma ka nirvah

(Akhand Jyoti (Hindi), January -1988, pg – 4)

“The flame of Akhand Jyoti will continue shedding its Light - These are not my words; this is the assurance of that Supreme Light on whose instruction Poojya Gurudev started this work; on whose instruction both of us took birth; and whose task is the definition of our lives”. Saying this Vandaniya Mataji became a bit emotional. In a choked voice, she said – “My Children! I and Acharyaji, in the whole of our lives, never knew what our individual desires were. We didn’t even think of setting our goal. We were merely puppets in the hands of Supreme Power – The Almighty. Whichever way He directed, we moved; whatever He told, we spoke. His instructions flew through our breaths. The will of that Supreme Being became our will; whenever a task was given, it was accomplished by us.”

“When His instruction came, Acharyaji shed his physical sheath. There is always pain on separation; I too felt deep pain, but in obeying His instructions, none of us refused. In future too, I will go according to His will, but you will see that even after my physical departure, everything will continue as such. Akhand Jyoti will be written and published as usual. In spite of obstacles, the Mission will continue expanding.” – Vandaniya Mataji was talking all this to the volunteers that had gathered at Shantikunj to take the pledge of performing Ashwamedh Yagyas in their regions. One of them said – ‘Mataji, Our Mission is expanding fast with Ashwamedh Yagyas.’ Then Mataji replied – ‘Yes my son! Whatever you volunteers are doing is alright, but keep one thing always in mind that all the institutions, shaktipeeths, programs, and even the Ashwamedhs are the body of the Mission. The body should be healthy and radiantly alive.

“The beauty of body and its strength always attract others. People shower praises, but the basis of this praise is the brilliance of its soul. All of you should keep in mind that our Mission’s soul is – Akhand Jyoti. That Akhand Jyoti (uninterruptedly burning lamp), under whose light Acharyaji did very difficult sadhanas, completed his twenty four Mahapurashcharans of twenty four lakhs each and this Akhand Jyoti, which is written and published and reaches you every month, are not two but one and the same. When you distribute this magazine, you are not distributing just the printed matter; rather a divine fraction of our souls”.

Vandaniya Mataji while expressing her feelings grew emotional and the audience was equally responsive. She threw a glance at the audience and observed that all the parijans were listening to her attentively. Then with a motherly affection she asked “Tell me who among you reads this magazine fully every month?” Almost all raised their hands. Those who could not raise hands, felt ashamed. They felt remorseful. After listening to their answer, she said – ‘Now I tell you, both of us used to read the full magazine in the beginning. Now Acharyaji is not there, but I still read the entire Akhand Jyoti every month. Do you know why?’ After saying this she herself gave the answer – ‘This reading is not for knowing what is written in it, but to know how much tapa we have poured in it in this month; to know that the part of prana and light that has been incorporated in it and sent to the children is sufficient or not. If it appears that there is something lacking, we try to put in new endeavor of tapa-sadhana. If something more is required, we pray to that Supreme Light, whose blessings are sustaining us.  Srimadbhagvadgita has described Him as –

यो न हृष्यति न द्वेष्टि न शोचति न काङ्‍क्षति।
शुभाशुभपरित्यागी भक्तिमान्यः स मे प्रियः॥ ||

                       (" class="breadCrumLink">श्रीमद्‍भगवद्‍गीता 13 / 17)

‘That (God) is the light of all lights and is said to be beyond darkness. That is knowledge, the object of knowledge and attainable by knowledge, and is seated in the hearts of all.’

‘The more you ponder over this shloka, the more you will experience the form of Supreme Spirit, Poojya Gurudev and Akhand Jyoti; and you will realize that the three are not separate entities. They are one and the same; and I too am dissolved in them. Akhand Jyoti is indeed the light of lights. The thoughts published in it and the tapa, pran and light of both of us invested in it are in fact spreading true knowledge. They liberate the reader’s soul from ignorance and acquaint him / her with the Light of the Supreme Spirit manifested through Poojya Gurudev. This experience is attainable by knowledge only. Whosoever realizes this, experiences that Gurudev and Supreme Spirit are one and the same and they are seated in the hearts of all in the form that light.’

What a unique explanation (by Vandaniya Mataji) of this shloka of Srimadbhagvadgita, Akhand Jyoti is the manifest form of Supreme Soul, Param Poojya Gurudev and herself; because she had already said that she was not different from the other two. This talk of hers acquainted the volunteers of the real form of Akhand Jyoti.  She said, ‘The way Akhand Jyoti continues to get published after the physical departure of Poojya Gurdev, it will continue to do so even after my departure. The diffusion of the light of Akhand Jyoti will continue spreading for years.’ After saying this, she cited the lines of a poem: ‘Manzilen ve anginat hein, gantavya bhi ati door hai, rukna nahin mujhako kahin, avaruddha kitna marg ho, nij kamna kuchh hai nahin, sab hai samarpit eesh ko.’ (Meaning: There are many halting stations, the destination is too far; I will not stop anywhere, whatever be the roadblocks; there is no personal desire, everything is surrendered to God.’

  With Prayer-filled Wishes and Warm Greetings for the New Samvatsar, 2070

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